Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max!


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    Full comparison of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max, including camera, battery, specs, features, and price! Giveaway link:
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    1. Tanveer Ahmeed

      1500 usd is no joke,

    2. Smart Potato

      0:30 Wow what animal is that? Where can I get one

    3. ventende

      The edge display from Samsung is still a terrible gimmick. Not offering both flat and curved edge is forever going to be a showstopper for many.

    4. ventende

      The Apple displays are manufactured worldwide by different suppliers. Currently, the iPad's display comes from Samsung, while the MacBook Pro, iPhone, and iPod Touch displays are made by LG Display. Both vendors saves their best displays for their own products.

    5. maria serrato

      Don’t know why the title doesn’t say s20 ultra Bc that pink on the s20 😍

    6. kingsley muoemenam

      Samsung killed it on this one, but we know shipment to Africa take longer

    7. Vikas Kumar

      Beast in the hand

    8. Adam Pennington

      5K Apple employees lined up to take turns giving this a thumbs down

    9. whisky bird

      Wow so nice sir 😍 I wish i have that in my birthday 😢

    10. Twiggy Pan Cake

      Well apple is waaay better if you just want to show people that you have an iphone 11 pro max

    11. Time For War !

      when phones became so ugly

    12. Nate_Animations And Gaming

      That photo he showed off to show the 8k picture la detail.. I remember seeing that on the Samsung Website

    13. Bad Luca

      Samsung S20 and your voice are the greatest gifts on earth

    14. Rayan

      Samsung wins 👍

    15. Joe Cordero

      what about the new bluetooth? when are we gonna start seeing it in phones?

    16. Mallik Arjun

      How many of you watching this..... even you can't afford to purchase them 😂 😂

    17. Sahib Singh

      Apples phone was released in 2019 Samsung was released in 2020 it’s not a fair test you should compare it with iPhone 12 when it comes out

      1. Toluwani Oni

        But then iphone users will compare the iphone 11 pro max to androids from 2013

    18. Robert Kelly

      The boss is never a gay brown guy.... so you cannot ever be the boss

    19. Navneet Singh

      Amazing specifications😵😵


      8K is two time of 4K not four times

    21. Krishan kumar panwar

      Samsung are great work..

    22. Siddik Basha

      Bro one doubt the giveaway is free or door delivery charge fees


      I want one.

    24. ThermoNuclear

      okay now this is the limit of phones no reason to make phones better than this cause it will have no use at all this shit does everything

    25. mostafa mouji

      Apple fanboys : aPplE iS bEtTeR


      I will miss the edges :/

    27. 뜨거운 쿨가이

      To be honest, it's hard to find more ugly front screens than iphone these days. Come to think of it, why do we care its back design so much even we don't see it?

    28. Kasoju Ram

      Samsung is super Galaxy.

    29. CUBEoneVX

      I think samsung should make their own OS

    30. Elson Felipe

      I know now who is the boss: Hugo! 😅🤣🤣🤣

    31. Nishant Prajapati

      @mrwhosetheboss typo @15:13 "#1 CONLUSION" admiring and closely following your great work always !! hoping for that international giveaway :P

    32. Blue Swift Ninja

      How do we enter give away?

    33. Sopek cs

      Drop the phone and show us which phone survives more damage

    34. Abdoo Man


    35. dadsuke iwazemee

      i just finished the video , i conclued that: samsung took the iphone , dropped it and told everyone " see , every feature in this new phone [S20+] is better , E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G, even the price , cuz we ain't stealing any of your money"

    36. dadsuke iwazemee

      i have a question for those who have iphone , how do you unlock your phone at night? u use the password or there's a lighting popping out to recognize ur face in the dark?

    37. dadsuke iwazemee

      is it just me or samsung is kindof winning the game ? , i was about to buy the iphone 11 pro max next week but now i'm freaking hesitating , shoul i preorder this phone ? i mean iphone looks like a baby game bought on wish for 2 dollars (80% off) next to S20+ , S20+ loooks waaaaaay more professional bro, change my mind ( actually u can't because it's the freaking truth) .

    38. Davian Skyers

      I like the Samsung better than the iPhone

    39. Binita Thami

      Please donate me one... 😢😢

    40. Daniel Ruiz Ferrandis

      Curves represent galaxy phones.... They need to be there

    41. Justin L.

      Pre-ordered the ultra last night. Leaving behind my Note 9. Can't wait!

    42. Asadullah Khan

      Given the megapixels, i guess the photos will be huge in size,so increased memory comes with a caveat


      Battery comparison

    44. Nassim Bekkouch

      You're the best 💪keep going💪

    45. Vinay Kumar Dubey

      Apple manages everything with less than what Samsung manages with, yet the performance is similar/better.

    46. Ervy Gail Imatong

      Votes: Iphone 11 pro max: 1100 Samsung s20 ultra: 1000 Winner: iphone 11 pro max

    47. Joseph Vanderford

      I want to hear you too kid route clean

    48. Asiane Yang

      Does the picture taken have the 'beauty faccial' auto-fixed? Like a smooth face?

    49. Dirk Van Cauwenberg

      now that was what I call a review !! Very good, not boring and very fluid ! Well done !

    50. russell velasco

      How to win in your international giveaway?

    51. armyXatiny farhana

      Watching this video from oppo so broke

    52. Amrit Kumar

      My wallet died

    53. pedro marrero

      I just ordered the S20 Ultra yesterday! Nice video.

    54. Rahul Srinivasa

      Ohh common bro. I think the Realme X20 pro is superb than galaxy S20. What do you think about it ?

    55. Sean Hanlon

      pointless video its not even a competition apple will be behind now for least another 3-5 years like they always are and by the time they catch up they will already be outdated as they are with every generation of phone they bring out , yet they will still attract the sheeple who want mediocre phones for double the value cost

    56. yesh Bhardwaj

      Give me this phone 👀👀

    57. ANTONIS Goulandris

      The thing is that for both phones you have to pay a huge amount of money and as always you will end up buying a protective case and a protective membrane. So what you enjoy most in every day basis is the clarity of screen, graphics and speed, never the real feeling on the actual product which to my opinion is very important.

    58. Jhumur Akter

      Android operating system only 6 months happy,next update version software will not allow for update haha

    59. Charles Luanga

      Samsung monster 👾 always know how to get us that display and ram damn it is just sick

    60. Gordy Brody

      The screen sizes are approaching portable tv sizes from the 80s. Apple bringing back some sanity later this year hopefully with their iPhone 12. Steve Jobs would never have gone down this road