Some Good News with John Krasinski Ep. 1



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    John Krasinski highlights some good news from around the world, including an interview with Steve Carell to mark the 15thanniversary of THE OFFICE, as well as John’s newest hero Coco. #somegoodnews #theoffice #SteveCarell

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    1. andyinoregon

      Man, <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="353">5:53</a> brings back such fond memories of Steve Carell "The Daily Show" correspondent. He was a star in our house even before "The Office."

    2. Joseph Neal

      Amazing bro , much love and thanks

    3. Amanda Ettere

      That girl’s voice was so calming 🧡 Congratulations sweetie you are strong 💪🏼

    4. Nic O

      This is the first time I’ve cried out of happiness in months

    5. Bri ;3

      Okay, I'm using your video for a ELA project. Don't mind me

    6. nat1jtb

      I LOVE THIS. WAY TO GO JOHN...keep it up!

      1. XxPotatomasterxX

        Look man sorry to break the news but CBS bought SGN and now you have to pay to watch it. John isnt hosting anymore. Everything gets ruined by big corporations.

    7. Uh oh Stinkey234

      Hi Jim

    8. diagoumistis

      Please have Carrell back on and ask him about his support for domestic terrorism.

    9. ancient clown

      Thank you john...just...Thank you.

    10. StormKnight

      Your from the office lol

    11. Deee S


    12. Alexander Mulhall

      Jack Ryan guest appearance on Space Force

    13. Ziggy Doom

      Love conquers all.

    14. Victoria Joseph

      i have to watch this series for an english project

    15. Stephen Crum

      What about nibiru.evedently?

    16. Asyraf R Syamsul


    17. Angel Trejo

      Sell out...

    18. Breanna Sumner

      The man singing to his wife 🥺❤️

    19. Isaac Tschampl

      I heard this idea was bought out, and planning to put it on tv without you ;~; plz no

    20. ZNO Abrams

      Michael and Carol ended up together after all

    21. Sunny Vakkalanka

      Who else had to stop watching cause this episode kinda gives spoilers for the Office?

    22. Esther Kim

      Why didn’t I watch this sooner?...needed this ❤️

    23. Wyman Bravard

      Brilliant. It would feel better if all your sales were donated to a front line service organization like the Red Cross.

    24. Nell Chambers

      This was my idea from when I was a little girl! And I am older so ... doesn't matter ... You published first. You own it. Here's my other if you want to steal it too: Everything should cost $1. You get paid $1each hour. Wouldn't that be awesome? $1 for your thoughts ...

    25. ricardo loureiro


    26. Rowan Ya Boat - Music

      "Senpais can have senpais too."

    27. Cup of Swing

      honestly one of the best things to come out of coronavirus or youtube in general

    28. Lisa Doetsch

      Nice globe

    29. Manchester Cityzen

      Want some bad news?!?! This show is over!

    30. craig mast

      Thank you man.

    31. craig mast

      Yes !

    32. Bubber Cakes

      Thanks John for restoring my sanity. Great to see you in “Jack Ryan.” Loved you in “The Office.” Also I’m an Elizabeth Warren fan also!

    33. Ethan E

      Who else forgot about his jams at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="886">14:46</a> XD

    34. Julie Waninger

      More news needs to be like this. Positive and heartwarming.

    35. Maxwell Gridj

      get this guy a SHOW ! seriously

    36. markmtbrider

      Just heard about this from the Glenn Beck show.

    37. Samy Porrata

      I’m all in on SGN

    38. Kimberly Freitag

      I cannot believe I waited this long to watch this! I cried and laughed through the entire thing! Thank You, John!

    39. Kay Jones

      The Office aka “Best show EVA😍”

    40. Alexa S

      This is so wholesome I love it

    41. James Rogers

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="268">4:28</a> - for a single second I forgot that Pam wasn't actually his wife. I confused myself.

    42. Donna Shane

      This is an amazing Idea Thank you for this...

    43. Rachelm72

      Why would anyone dislike these videos. All the 4.4k people that disliked this video has no taste.

      1. Strange Roamer

        He's a sell out now. It was all for the money.

    44. Van Wilson

      Thank you for this John.

    45. Kuhoo Not Kuhu

      One minute in... And my eyes are wet

    46. Em

      They say money can't buy happiness. I guess it can if you're name is John Krasinski Sell Out!

    47. Falcon's Gaming

      The dislikes are because he sold the show to a network. Just FYI to the people in the chat

    48. Ishraj Singh

      You can just picture his family holding his lines up on a chart for him, behind the camera

    49. Clark John

      The people who don't like this have been brainwashed into negative people. Or they are all journalists

      1. Strange Roamer

        He's a sell out now. It was all for the money.

    50. Kimberley Norris-Jones

      For Mother's Day my neighbor mowed the lawns of all the Moms on our street!

    51. Kimberley Norris-Jones

      Thank you!

    52. Hayley Carthy

      You guys could use lockdown to write some new episodes of the office that would be the best news ever! (Plz I Miss you guys so much 🙏💖)

    53. Jim Berkowicz

      What a great message. Haters will hate, but I for one appreciate the effort to shine some light in the world.

    54. Jeffster

      SELL-OUT. This whole channel was just a way for Krasinski to make money. What an opportunist.

    55. Virginia Older

      I'll be redundant. Thank you for sharing something to put a big smile in my heart.

    56. Mecca Sygnifax

      Sad to say I will not continue watching as this was originally was not intended for making money but now has been taken on by a bigger company for money. I get it, John, you need to take care of you and your family.

    57. Stormy Weather

      The office was my favorite program until I found out every person on it is gender inverted and not the people they pretend to be. 🤮. The men are women and the women are men. 🤮

    58. Stormy Weather

      John..please tell me why you are all trans gendered from birth or before puberty? Why is the entertainment industry all gender reversed? Why the lies about who you all really are?

    59. Tom Eye The SFM guy

      Unlike y'all, I listen to a reliable news network.

    60. Clayton Key

      The world needs this to continue happening!

    61. Crimp Crangle

      I’m so glad to hear that an A list actor and his super hot wife were able to use the general public to make money during a global pandemic. My faith in humanity has been restored! 👎

    62. Tom Smith

      Who’s here after he sold SGN to CBS ?

    63. More Cowbell

      SGN = Some Greedy Nincompoop

    64. Paula Spilsbury

      You created something great...and then sold out...shame on you! Do you really need the money? Losing respect pretty fast!

    65. Deep Thoughts

      John Krasinski, bless your heart, thank you! ❤️

    66. Lucy Durbin

      So sad he sold this to CBS!😭😫 It will never be the same but I guess I will watch these episodes over and over again...... 💔

    67. Ashley Mollinedo

      Hello, I am writing on behalf of my friend who recently graduated but the school skipped her name during the ceremony. It’s a shame that not only did she not get the experience she dreamed of, but was wrongfully forgotten. She was so embarrassed, she had friends and family watching and graduated with honors. Please give her a shoutout to lift her spirits. She has been very bummed ever since. Her name is Alexaray Ortiz.

    68. Becky Ratcliff

      Great job on the Maine accent! Life long Mainer here.

    69. fogs

      I waited months to find out I don’t have MS!

    70. Grizzle G

      What a sellout!

    71. Beth Stephenson

      Awesome! Thank you for doing this!

    72. Cigomba Miler

      The only logical explanation for the dislikes on this video is that it was unintentional. It had to be 🙏🏽

    73. Wayne B

      Thanks for being positive during these days Mr. Krasinski. Love everything you do. you are a great actor and this show tells me you are a great person too. During this quarantine I have been watching Jack Ryan and have to say it is a well done show. As a combat vet (Afghanistan and Somalia), I can appreciate the work put into it. During episode 5 when Jack shows Greer the pictures of the Paris church attack, I had to stop the show and cried for a long after suleiman apologizes for the women and children. For the first time in 5 years, I told my wife about things I refused to talk about. Might be a step forward thanks to the show. Keep up the great work and glad to see SGN will live on.

    74. adam Kissinger

      What felt genuine was actually just a scam for a quick buck. What a bunch of BS.

    75. Bee

      I know Coco just went through her treatments and stuff but honestly she is super pretty. Her smile and eyes just are beautiful and something about her seems very sincerely sweet.

    76. Tom Watson

      Nice one, John!

    77. Susanne Gleason

      Heard on Boston Chanel 4 that YOU are on Chanel 4,! :)

    78. anthony boschert

      I love this.

    79. ali alvarez

      ha ha this guy getting paid is whats wrong with the economy hajha

    80. Body Illumination

      Love it!!!!! Mr. John Krasinski will you do a guest appearance on my channel????????