Starting the Oldsmobile Silhouette


5 миӊ. көрүүлөр2

    This video is from over a month ago that I never got around to uploading. It started pretty decent for how long it has been sitting
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    1. Mihail Evgenivih


    2. rrcoster

      Not sure when this video was made but we had nothing but snow and below zero weather around this time you uploaded the video in Iowa

      1. rrcoster

        Aww ya we had nice November/late December weather but now where paying for it lol---hasn't quit snowing and sub zero weather

      2. bah53

        The video was made in late november/early december.

    3. MJM’s Workshop

      What’s the plans for it?

      1. bah53

        No real plans for it.

    4. Jay Jay

      Bah, have you had any luck using transmission fluid to fix lifter ticking engines. Older mechanic once told me to use one quart, drive it a few miles and then change oil. Any thoughts?

      1. bah53

        I've heard of that working because of all the detergents in ATF but I've never tried it.

    5. Nathan Barter (STUDENT)

      Hello. I said can you please start up the park avenue and the blue lesabre and the green lesabre and the ford falcon and the 2001 buick lesabre. and can you also start the crown Victoria please. can you also bring the falcon and the crown Victoria and the 2001 buick lesabre for a ride down the road. message me back asap

    6. lawnmowerrock

      thanks for a vid! miss the daily videos like this

    7. Nathan Barter (STUDENT)

      Nice video and channel😀😍😘😀

    8. Nathan Barter (STUDENT)

      Can you please fire up the falcon and the green lesabre and try to put some gas in the park avenue and fire up the blue lesabre please message me back asap please and also fire up the crown Vic please. Message me back asap please. Merry Christmas

    9. DeadheadRI

      Strange.. thinking of you guys up there this morning.. have a friend in Mankato, and his car doesnt start when it's nice out, never mind MN winters.. How's the Buick collection? Would love an update vid.. Thinking of flipping a Park Ave. from CL.. no place to store it..

    10. Mike West

      Do a video on the 78 ltd. How is the crown vic doing?

    11. Jay Jay

      Quick question. The front and rear wipers, do they work? I had a friend that owned one many years ago and his quit working. The wipers were in the same position as yours. Just curious.

    12. Jay Jay

      Thanks man. Pretty cool that it drove right out of there after sitting so long. Should pull it in the garage and check it out. Might make a good backup for winter.

    13. Robert Hardwick

      you should have a Buick and a Oldsmobile Demolition derby!

    14. ARednecksLife

      How about the Ford truck with no reverse, does it still run??

    15. ymxctrails

      Is it good enough to use as a spare in case your daily driver breaks down? I hear an engine knock though. Maybe it's burning coolant.

    16. Or What?

      why no startfest 2017?

      1. TheLe9end01

        Or What? He did one already bro

    17. 1967 Chevelle LSx

      What happened to banana?

      1. Corvettefan

        The Banana moved out of the state.

      2. Jay Jay

        Not sure how common. Saw it on nomadic fanatic channel. There were many related videos about it. I was just joking about it. Whether he is our isn't, that's his choice. He might have a girlfriend or a wife and not tell anyone on here. I can't say I blame him. It's his private life and we are privileged to share in what little he does show.

      3. ymxctrails

        That's pretty sad if it's that's the case. I guess it's not too surprising considering some of the extreme feminists out there. How common is MGTOW anyway? I could say that I'm one myself...

      4. Jay Jay

        Maybe he is joining allot of other guys and going MGTOW. LoL

      5. ymxctrails

        Divorce maybe?

    18. Linuxx

      these videos are ggreat you are a beast man you going to work on start fest 2018?

    19. josh's world

      I've always wanted one of these. I have no clue why. Lol

      1. Jay Jay

        MrRedneckjosh they are the Cadillac of mini vans. Lol

    20. BronzeChicken

      Fix up the old red truck

    21. stuartsplace100

      hi,how is it going

    22. MissouriOldTimer

      it has a kind of a click to it , but that might be from sitting a long time.

      1. GundamZero5

        MissouriOldTimer if I remeber right he got this van lound tic one of the rockers was lose on the valves he did video of it awhile back I think it's the same white van