Custom $10,000 SHOES For James Charles!! 👟🎨 (SATISFYING) | ZHC



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    Hope you enjoyed! Make sure to enter the huge iPhone 11s giveaway! Thanks for watching:)
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    1. ZHC

      Subscribe to me, @jamescharles and @leomahalo if you want to enter in the giveaway! Thank you James for being such an amazing host❤️❤️

      1. Noah J


      2. xfoxygaming

        done my guy

      3. idk lol


      4. Andrew Ramirez

        I want the custom iphone 11 so bad i havent got a new phone.its been 7 years ever since i got a phone

      5. alessia martusciello

        Subbed to everyone ❤️❤️would love to win!! I’ve been using a cracked iPhone 6 for years 🥴. Love your work !!

    2. Ray Chavez

      Can I have5000$ please

    3. Deja Banner

      Done, followed all the rules... such a happy turkey

    4. x X_ToXIC_SLAYS_Xx

      Can i enter if I don't have twitter

    5. Its Bri

      0:57 the last Marker made me mad lol 😂

    6. BlankThings

      James Charles: *Puts makeup on face* Zach: *Puts makeup on shoes*

    7. PetrolTank

      Hay sisters

    8. Lesly Diaz

      I'm a new subscriber and I would love to win a new iPhone 11 pro and airpods

    9. Itzlinz Your girl

      Love all of them

    10. Ren TV

      zhc should make more videos with james

    11. darin epley

      I would love to have one but im not allowed to have instagram

    12. Mike Batchelder

      I love your art

    13. Steven Isialgo

      ZHC you are the best drawer

    14. darin epley

      What can he not draw he is so amzing i would love to get a macbook or a iphone from him he is so amzing i have liked so many of his videos

    15. RNA_Trixsta

      How do you join I really want the zhc phone

    16. Alexander Tinkle

      I want the sock BALENCIAGA shoes

    17. Matthew Cao


    18. luis Ramirez

      I love you

    19. luis Ramirez

      I love you

    20. Nintendo Games

      If only we had the power to take something out of a tv and into our hand they don't call ZHC the god of drawing for no reason lol

    21. unipan xoxox

      I counted that James Charles said wow 2009999900000 million times

    22. Ripley's Review

      Dang it I don’t have insta and I’m not allowed to have it but I’ve been subscribed to both of you for awhile now😢

    23. Yadira Ortega

      This is how times James said omg | | V

    24. RiotZ BlaZe

      Bro u made James Charles look like a make a wish kid 😂😂🤣

    25. Clara Wilson

      This is why I love James🥺

    26. SGBO Safire

      U made me like art

    27. Ernesto Becerril

      Zach draw Kobe Bryant please?

    28. ĞŘẸЎŜỖŇ Ǥнσsτ

      OMG OMG I REALLY WANT JAMES PHONE GIVEAWAY I LIKE BUTTERFLIES ;v; if you pick me ill cri even though im a man (Im 10 Lol)

    29. Caffe Latte Birb

      Hey ZHC this is important!!! The music you used at 4:03 is copyrighted and it could take the money you get from this vid(this was used with Mumbo Jumbo’s outro for every vid and they all got copyright striked) this is just a warning from a viewer

    30. Liam Doyle

      You are the art version of mr beast

    31. harish kumar

      I want an iPhone 11pro max with airpods please 😫💓

    32. Alex Flores Olivera

      I want the rosegold please

    33. Daniela Huerta

      Can you a Make AirPods for king Lang (Planrock124)

    34. Gamer Boy

      Can I have a iPhone 11 Pro Max I have the 8 and it sucks can it have max gigs to just asking

    35. Jiro E. Dizon

      Hi im a big fan

    36. Jessica Meggison

      Nobody is talking about that fact that he said 1 POUND of bricks and 1 POUND of the shoe which one ways more, they would way the same because it’s both 1 pound of each...

    37. Blex Sachi


    38. juice Hernandez

      He said hi Sister I'm a boy I like WTF Fyou b

    39. Rocky gamer yt subscribe

      Hi sisters today with another sock customization this is so cool that you did this

    40. Emma Marie

      i did everything but follow you on socials bc i don’t have insta or twitter

    41. Crxnge •

      James Charles new video: HEY SISTERS im going to burn all of these shoes Me: Rip Zhc

    42. Emma Marie

      subscribed and post notifications on!!❤️❤️

    43. Kinju911

      *hI SiSteRs*

    44. layla apple

      Do you even have a iPhone 11

    45. 가차Ruku

      It’s funny how Zack said “ Hi Sisters “ 🤣🤣

    46. Lan Nguyen

      Who else thinks Zach is too nice T^T

    47. Julian Leal

      😎👌🤙 so cool

    48. Cosmic Mind

      bro James cheated on Tfue for you

    49. Esteban Avalos

      I want both of them they are so cute and cool

    50. Julianna Bocchino

      I did all it

    51. Torito Navarrete


    52. waleed zafar

      bruh waste of time but i love the shoes and the bag and zhc

    53. Jack

      I dont have an instagram zack......wont be able to enter the giveaway :(

    54. dominik 73


    55. The Bell Twins

      I hope I win I really need a new phone and it’s customized so it’s perfect

    56. Molly kelly

      Notice me

    57. Ashley - Roblox

      Damn the designs of the butterflies are beautiful 🦋💞💞

    58. Haynah bacortz

      Customize my face

    59. Bucket Man

      Been here since 95k

    60. Gacha Alexandra

      When the screen said wait for it a Huggins add came on lol