Sydney Calls Out Alayah 😮 | The Bachelor

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    Sydney clashes with Alayah after questioning if she's there for the right reasons. Do you believe Alayah is being truthful with our Bachelor Peter?

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    Season: 24 Episode: 3
    Bachelor: Peter Weber

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    1. Jeana Sailor

      These two have the MOST annoying voices ever.

    2. Catie Callson

      That is you Sydney.

    3. sansa drake

      Sydney is annoying

    4. Ria

      Neither of them are good people. Sydney is just jealous, and Alayah is just so used to having a “pageant personality”, so I think that’s why she acts the way she acts.

    5. Carlos Sierra

      I wonder why Alayah didn't place at miss usa🤔🤔🤔

    6. Chris Noziere

      Who was really the villain of the season?

    7. Allison Ellayne

      Alayah is a literal angel that Sydney saw as a challenge.

    8. Beeski

      The title should be “Sydney bullies Alayah”

    9. SimmyJai

      Ew what’s wrong with Sydney? She tried to try aliyah but she held her own lol

    10. Alayah Reid

      and that’s on the name alayah✌🏽

    11. Stephanie

      how is she gonna say something so confident and then when told to speak her mind she starts with “maybeee?” 😭

    12. igot7-lu

      Lol I like how aliyah repeated her question "do u work" thinking what kindda question is that whys this girl concerned about me Shes not dating me xD But even if you're curious theres a nicer way to ask if u wanna find info about someone without sounding like a bully

    13. Kaitlandia

      They are both annoying lol

    14. idecided28

      like hannah ann?

    15. aisha perez

      Sydney is so dumb. Grow up, “do you work at all?” “I have three jobs,” there is one grown women here and one little the difference

    16. Absolute Trash

      I swear they say the same crap using the same words every year on this show. "I wanted to open up to him and be more vulnerable and explain why I'm here" like those words don't even have any meaning on this show anymore because they've been beaten to death lmao

    17. Mayah N

      how does he know which girl is and isn't being truthful? lol like who are they to speak for alayah? why was sydney snitching cuz she's pressed

    18. Wanname Lyngdoh

      Let's agree on something here, Alayah is such a mature woman. Like she has so much class and handled that situation like a grown up.

    19. M B

      We know what it is . When a contestant is worried about others they are never picked

    20. Carol Mwangi

      Boy was I happy the day Sydney got eliminated. She was classless, jealous and petty , then tried so hard at women tell all to sound relevant.

    21. Senapati manipur kvc

      Allaya is just classy Sydney from where did u grew up?🤣 How did u learn to bully people and why are u so jealous of girls who is prettier then u?

    22. Laisani Bale

      Sydney, you full of jealousy

    23. Katherine Quach

      Alayah’s voice and demeanor kinda reminds me of Megan Fox in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, but not in a mean girl kind of way.. Idk 🤷🏻‍♀️

    24. Its Me

      the way she approaches to aliyah! insane... u need help, girl!

    25. Angela Tunuufi

      Did Sydney go to college?

    26. James

      I love that Kelley is drama free and offers a sympathetic ear to everyone

    27. Kristen Gewecke

      Sydney is immature and annoying

    28. 13 September 1917

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="263">4:23</a> her response reflects her statement at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="92">1:32</a>

    29. 13 September 1917

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="98">1:38</a> very smart move! Sydney is very intuitive.

    30. Rebeca Cruz

      JEALOUSY !

    31. D

      They all ganged up to get the most attractive girl in the house out. PERIODDTT

    32. Soani Velez

      it's not a crime to have walls up. it's HARD for some people to open up, that doesn't make her manipulative

    33. Soani Velez

      this is why I can't watch shows like this lol, Alayah was just trying to have a genuine conversation but Sydney is just trying to find something wrong with her to use against her

    34. Olivia Maffucci

      That smugness of alayah is really unattractive though

    35. Izzati Jam

      Alayah seems like a genuinely nice person.. Perhaps Sydney is just jealous that Alayah is much prettier in comparison

    36. DAR1776

      Who’s here after finding out Sydney is a liar and a bully?

    37. Samantha Smiles

      Sydney is horrendous. Poor Alayah. Sydney DID pull her hair. How dare she asks "do you work?" Like why is that any of YOUR business you crazy girl. You dont know alayah. Her relationship was none of Sydney's business. It is clear Sydney is insanely insecure and childish.

    38. MOLLY KATE

      This is just a girl who isn't someones cup of tea. If you are trying to justify your actions because someone obviously gets on your nerves, thats low.

    39. Zeyna Nd

      This is so cringy. Firstly that I'm so invested and secony that Alayah and Sydney were having 2 different conversations when sydney asked if she works at all.

    40. Love Law

      That was the weirdest moment. “Do you like, work?”... so passive aggressive. If I were in the house I would definitely be more drawn to friendships with women like Alayah. Sydney seems really immature and mean and for some reason her, Natasha, Victoria P and the redhead call themselves the ‘cats’... and they call the other girls ‘rats’... this is so middle school.

    41. MegaDreamer1991

      Sydney is jealous

    42. lani dela cruz Ramsey

      Sydney the head of the mean girls club...Sydney to alayah do you like work, yes I do have three jobs .. bingo 😁♥️

    43. Jennifer Hurd

      She’s the one who started all the drama w/Alaya because she was jealous

      1. Losa M

        Glad she got sent home 🤷🏽‍♀️

    44. Toastyflakes

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="101">1:41</a> the moment Alayah realized this wasn’t a friendly get to know you chat 😭😬

    45. Terri Touchie

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="367">6:07</a> was legit where I thought ‘Kelley for bachelorette ‘

      1. NetMan

        Same . She knows they are children fighting over immature things 🤣

    46. c c

      Sydney is soooo gorgeous

    47. annexsunriseshimmer

      What a bully 😐😐!!

    48. Onilda Licona

      I feel like Sydney is jealous of Alayah. Because she won titles. She herself was a beauty pageant. But not as successful as Hannah B and Alayah.

    49. Epic Spaceship

      "Peter's here to find a real person" --woman trying to win a reality show.

    50. Hannah De Leon

      Alayah is freaking beautiful. Sydney can’t relate

      1. Arya Babes

        Hannah De Leon they are both beautiful

      2. Brok Homz

        Definitely a Natalie Portman.

      3. S Lee

        No need to resort to attacking someone's looks. All the women there were beautiful.

      4. Daryns _world

        Hannah De Leon Sydney has obviously had work done

    51. Julia Andersen

      Sydney just developed an opinion about Alayah and then used that to get her out. I don't love Alayah but I can still side with her on this. She didn't do anything

    52. phillip owens

      These women spend more time clashing with each other then trying to form a connection with the actual batchelor...

    53. Sichael Mcott

      It is a game in a way

    54. Jerry RN

      Sydney is throwing shade so funny 😂.

    55. sage bates

      its funny cause Sydney is a pageant girl also lol

    56. lana lake

      Sydney needs to pick up her voice from the gravel road she insists on dragging it through...I cannot stand when women do this. It's completely deliberate and it is so frickin obnoxious. It gets old real fast!

    57. noorah nn

      I do not like this Sydney girl

    58. Laila J

      Alayah's personality reminds me of Jaclyn Hill

    59. Jake Misel

      Who did Hannah fall in love with that wasn't there for the right reasons?

    60. Selena G.

      Gag me with a in all fairness, I don't even watch the shoe

      1. Selena G.

        I mean show....reminds me of the Californians from SNL

    61. Aaliyah M

      Sydney got Alayah to say she’s media trained... what’s the big deal about her being media trained???

      1. Daryns _world

        Aaliyah M nothing. Lol nothing at all. She’s insecure

    62. Stephanie Anyanga

      Sydney is extremely jealous of Alayah lol

    63. chenelle Ramayah

      Sydney seem jelly

    64. VM

      What did Alayah done to her, she is a bit jeolousy.

    65. Libruh

      She kinda does have a smirk 24/7

    66. Lisa L

      Sydney's face is the face of jealousy!

    67. nia m

      Oh the seven sins, Sydney haven't u heard, jealousy will finish u, not the other person.

    68. Asmahan Osman

      Alliyah like 😏

    69. maria m

      Sydney is envious and insecure, she is dramatic

    70. Steve S

      This show is a joke and staged for great tv people!

      1. Jason peng

        Good! Dats da way we like it!

    71. Ellen Lirio

      The show feels like Big Brother... So much pettiness, no one's going to get to know each other.

    72. Alyssa Bessemer

      Sydney is so jealous

    73. L Arm

      Sydney is just jealous because she lost pillow fight. Lol Sydney causes drama

    74. noebear97

      Sydney is the one who seems manipulative... she’s gas lighting Alaya and then manipulating Pete. She says one thing to Alaya and Pete but then changes the narrative once it’s brought to everyone’s attention 👀👀

    75. Liz Stepp

      I actually know Alayah. She was my step mothers former step daughter and she is the sweetest woman. I only have great things to say about her. I've watched her grow up and all I can say is that she didn't deserve that.

      1. I love you to the moon and back

        @Sichael Mcott what?

      2. Liz Stepp

        @D I never said her parents have been divorced. Also not everything is up for grabs on the internet. Some things are private and she hasn't publicly shared her situation. I'm not here to get "creds", I'm just here to vouch for her character.

      3. D

        Liz Stepp alayahs parents have never been divorced. Nice try

      4. Jennifer Hurd

        JH 😂

      5. Raven E

        She's my mum

    76. Aleah P

      So judgemental!

    77. I Create My Reality

      I can’t watch the bachelor anymore. I want to see real, mature, women who are ACTUALLY mentally and emotionally ready for marriage.

    78. Brok Homz

      I cannot with female vocal fry. 🤣😂 That one girl gives off huuuuge Natalie Portman vibes. Both girls are super pretty though.

    79. Arianna Maria

      I found when Sydney went up and asked do you work at all so rude

    80. PurpleRose7777

      I can't STAND Kelly!