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Bachelor Nation

28 миӊ. көрүүлөр6

    For this group date, the girls were front and centre during a photoshoot for Cosmo magazine, with one lucky winner grabbing the prize of featuring on a cover with our Bachelor Peter!

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    Season: 24 Episode: 5
    Bachelor: Peter Weber

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    күнү жарыяланды 3 ай мурун


    1. Cat M

      Victoria F. is very pretty.

    2. Michelle A

      That woman’s haircut looks INSANE in the jungle

    3. ENTER 10 MENT

      Natasha was the prettiest

    4. Vanessa Pote

      Love to know who peters mum is talking about, bring her home!

    5. little cat

      Madison 😍😍😍

    6. Al Wa

      Hannah Ann had a perfect moment to create a romantic moment by instead of kissing him. She should have stared into his eye with passion and intensity, the love would have carried over so much more than a kiss

      1. I speak My mind

        Al Wa yeah she just copied VF just like that - not cool

    7. Corington Baldwin

      It would have been nice to see the photoshoot without the photo editing of the bathing suit's 2020....

    8. Cassie Grande

      Who made the cover?

    9. Ashley

      Pretty sure Cosmos said they weren’t going to post the photo because of Victoria F controversy

      1. Catie Callson

        You mean the Chase thing and her sleeping with married men.

    10. Sandy

      All the girls are so pretty and Tammy doesn't fit in.

      1. Joy Y

        Shes pretty ..catty mean but pretty