The Differances Between a 1990 and a 1994 Oldsmobile Silhouette

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    So it's something a little different than I usually do.Being a fan of the odd ball vehicles, I was originally going to do a video over only one of the Silhouettes. Then I noticed a couple of vans down that there was another one. So I thought why not!!


    1. vado575

      That's not common finding two of these together. So sad

    2. ANTWAN0

      Those don't rust there fiberglass

    3. BLOS games

      Fue muy bonita para su epoca y tambien fue como la version de lujo. Saludos. 15-sep-2019.

    4. todd r

      When I see vehicles that look like nothings wrong with them makes me wonder why the person threw it away.? Why no sell it or donate to a charity?

    5. Sizzlin Moe Szyslak

      I have a 1994 trans sport currently and im slowly restoring it. its already pretty mint though. just needs all the basic stuff like all new brakes and front end running gear. its missing a piece of moulding on the side though that I sadly cannot get ANYWHERE.

      1. Watery Watery

        Restoring a '94. You are doing God's work my dude. Bless you! Love my '95

    6. James Raymond

      You found TWO unicorns!! 😂😂😂

    7. Nathan Jones

      So sad to see that! I actually just uploaded a video of a 1991 Silhouette that looks just like the 1990 you filmed. But two in one junkyard? There's probably only two left in my state!

      1. JPN Sports Cards

        Yeah, you don't see that many of them around anymore. Growing up my parents had a '94 Chevy Lumina MPV. I thought it was awesome.

    8. Richard

      Won’t see rust on the body panels. LoL

      1. OneEyeDrone

        @Watery Watery fiberglass body too ... it was wild for that time

      2. Watery Watery

        The body panels are all plastic. The van hides rust very well

    9. Antonio

      So sad, they don’t deserve to be there ;(

    10. Kenneth

      Technically Chevrolet's version wasn't just called the Lumina. It was the Lumina APV - standing for "all purpose vehicle. This was so because this van looked nothing like a Lumina nor was it based on that chassis.

    11. eric habursky

      I remember this van used to think it was cool liked the windshield how long it was

    12. Ade Lopes

      tengo una como la gris

    13. toyoscio

      You forgot, 90 only had 3.1 engine, 94 had option for 3.8

      1. Eduardo jimenez

        90 only 2.8 engine

    14. Harry Gatjens

      The hatch on the drivers side rear doesn't have just wires when it is not mangled. It contains a cigarette light type outlet for power and the switch for an air compressor with a hose.

    15. Harry Gatjens

      The screen in the front of the ceiling console show you the temperature

    16. Useful Entertainment

      I remember these things, sure glad I didn't get carted around in one as a kid lol. It seems the 90 has more character and doesn't blend in as much

      1. JPN Sports Cards

        I agree, hardly any of the 90s mini vans look alike, when today they're all pretty much cookie cutter.