The doctor who treated the first coronavirus patient in the US

CNBC Television

CNBC Television

50 миӊ. көрүүлөр30

    CNBC's Meg Tirrell talks to Dr. George Diaz, who works in the infectious disease department at Providence Medical Group in Everett, Washington. Diaz treated the first coronavirus patient in the U.S.
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    1. Anna Cole

      The nurses went near them they risked their lives

    2. Anna Cole

      Thank god

    3. Kami Bowman


    4. Rene Aguilar

      I applauded outloud at the good new that someone reacted positively to the medication. I applaud the doctor and his staff, you wanna talk about reaction time and care this is a model of how these situations SHOULD be handled in this country!!

    5. 17 forever !

      That was just a video using the robot, not actually dealing with the infected patient.

    6. Christa Lorenz Free

      Aren't there a couple/three hundred folks being monitored there for possibly having the virus? I'm sure there is.

    7. Kiss my Feet

      My respect for this Doctor because he mentioned the part of the frontline medical staff who are the nurses and other interdisciplinary professionals.

    8. Free Couch

      He probably never had it. False hope.

    9. thedownzguy

      The doctor didn't even go in and see the patient? Classy

    10. Matthew Armstrong

      Sounds super cool til u have 1000+ infected the robot might not be the right choice

    11. ilovecanines

      So, telemedicine so the doctors don't have to risk exposure - the nurses have to maneuver the robot and place themselves at risk, but don't put the doctors at risk....!

    12. Hosam Mokhles

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    13. mari brenner

      WI and ILLINOIS have couple of patients!! WI patient got off plane, walked to Emergency, was looked at and SENT HOME?? to be quarantined there??? OMG!!

    14. Tiana Nu

      Because there's not enough doctors to speak to patients one by one, this is the best option. Nurses have their hazmat suits on and won't be affected and the robots should be cleaned continuesly. I'm not a hospital staff and I can just predict these things. Don't just panic out of nowhere and make weird comments, y'all. This isn't India.

    15. Eerie Andover

      Great how many millions of robots do you have?

    16. Smita Chawla

      In his Weibo post he describes how on 10 January he started coughing, the next day he had a fever and two days later he was in hospital. He was diagnosed with the coronavirus on 30 January. Per that logic 14 day quanreantine is not enough.What about cases who pick up disease at the end of quarentine.

    17. Ella Brad

      That Diaz doctor is full of CRAP! IS he trying to say that NURSES are dispensable and DOCTORS lives are more precious? PUT HIM INSIDE THE ROOM WITH THE PATIENTS

    18. Ella Brad

      This DOCTOR should just shut up ,!

    19. Ella Brad

      Great. Just SACRIFICE the nurses and the doctors away from the patient.

    20. Sara Zain

      عار على الحكومه الصينيه تكميم افواه تسرد حقيقة خطورة تفشي فايروس كرونا مثل الطبيب والصحفي واخفاءه عن عائلته هذا شئ غير مقبول نريد تدخل دول لوضع عقوبات على هكذا سلوك شائن

    21. Satyajit Roy

      leaking question paper?

    22. GSM Group

      Technology making the world colder smh

    23. Peter Negan

      good luck having 1 robot doctor taking care of 100.000 sick people!

    24. Margo Moore

      Wondering why that contraption has to be moved into place manually, when it should be moving via remote control.

    25. johnny botwright

      The Real Secret In the Chamber of Secrets SS Serpents 666 Have Opened the Serpent Snake Pit All your Names have been Put into the Serial Killer Snake Virus - Spirit 666 AI Goblet of Fire Multiplying in Every Direction Coming to Devour and Feast Get Their Fangs into You Fill You Full of Deadly Poison WILL 666 You Escape In Time ? The Real Prince of Darkness Prince Harry Potter 666 Black Wizard Story - They Do Not Want You to Know Deadly Virus in Diss Post Office Sorting Room --------------------------------------------------------------------- 243,666 Views

      1. GSM Group

        johnny botwright wtf are you saying lol

    26. John Creed

      Yay send in the droids oh sorry I meant the nurses🤨

    27. Ant Poo

      What a coward doctor, sends in the nurses where he fears to tread.

    28. Crypto Super G

      Fast Forward 1 year: Patient declares bankruptcy from medical debt.

    29. mr Music Man the wise one

      So us has smarter Dr then them ok who ever beat this virus is the next supper power i don't think us ready to give up there spot yer

    30. Lewis Lemons III

      Burn him alive now

    31. karen vickery

      Drs too scared to go near patients but of course send the nurses in..... that’s the hierarchy at its finest! We are all collateral damage to the rich and powerful.

    32. ADolpus Turdmanus Antichristus

      Don't panic! This is only the plague, pray to the Antichrist!

    33. Aryan Raveshia

      Obviously the people on this comment section have not encountered a great deep meaningful life lesson yet. It’s not the hardworking who get the praise and the promotion, it’s the leader, the smart worker, the back stage guy, the brains of the operation who get the best of the best. I’m 18 and I know this

    34. Aryan Raveshia

      He sounds like trump

    35. We Are One

      The nurse can be assigned to one patient but doctors jump from one patient to another in minutes for 24 hours shifts at a time.

    36. evolver

      Didn’t say if the patient is still in the hospital or not.

    37. Empire State Audits

      It's in buffalo ny. Degraff memorial hospital

    38. Cro Boy

      So put the nurses at risk! All the doctors huddled in the back go! you go!

    39. Joey Landry

      So nurses are expendable? Or maybe some doctors are too dumb to put on PPE?

    40. Rob Davidson

      So its possible a drug MAY help first I've heard!

    41. srey chnass

      Im so proud to have 3 sisters work as RN and LPN. But in the meantime i also worry about my 3 ,sister who work in Alberta Hospital l and so far away from them. Please buddha and Father look after them from above. Sathu sathu sathu.

      1. Mina Alisasis

        Leave things some in there is own drawer safety like the sales ladies in the malls baggae rooms ,

      2. Mina Alisasis

        Provide free disspossable garbage bag, and free car parking, , and their cars must be spray antibiotic, before stock at home,

      3. Mina Alisasis

        Hospitals employee or personel , take shower in hospitals and tjeir uniporm must be there to laundry in hospitals ,beore they go home , all there things must be sterilized or spray dissimfectant, before they go home, leave their dicpoassble things in hospitals , uniporm must be in their laundtry hospitals, and car parking must be free, , provide family disposasble plastic bag for garbage,

    42. kath david

      Typical emotionless inDOC trinated Doc... clueless.

    43. Inmo4et

      This doctor's story about his patients recovery using an anti-coronavirus drug - is very hopeful. The robots used to directly interact with the patient instead of human contact makes great infection control sense! This should be a big story in the news - as it is a very positive one. Dr. Diaz called this drug - Remdesivir [ Gilead Sciences ] checked it out on Wikipedia - let's hope this drug proves to be helpful in human coronavirus. Very informative CNBC! Good reporting journalism. Kudo's to Dr. George Diaz!

    44. Daravy Hill

      The nurse could get exposure but not doctor huh 🙄

    45. CaliD0LL

      ⚠️LIKE👍🏻 IMPORTANT INFO FOR GENERAL PUBLIC⚠️ - COVID-19 RECENTLY HAS BEEN CONFIRMED AEROSOLIZED. - Wear N95 respirator masks NOT THE STANDARD PROCEDURE MASKS because the filter on N95 masks filter the micro virus particles BEFORE YOU INHALE. - Medical goggles prevent the micro virus particles from entering the eyes. - COVID-19 is resistant to bleach/disinfectants so best prevention is to wash your hands 20 seconds throughly throughout the day and NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE. Shower and wash your clothes immediately at home if being around sick people. This virus will most likely spread and infect throughout the world. Mortality rates are higher to those who are mid >50’s/older and people who have a disease that causes their immune system to not work at it best. Diabetes, hypertension. (If you are generally healthy this virus only has 2% mortality rate and will only feel like having the flu. Your immune system will work at its fullest to fight out the infection.) Possible antivirals and therapies are being conducted in controlled human trials in China ( )so there is hope to find a cure but it’ll take time to see consistent results so in the mean time keep your body healthy by eating right and exercising so you give yourself the best chances of fighting off this virus. ⭐️Creditable KGsel medical channels, Doctors covering virus:

      1. Nairceas

        CaliD0LL thanks for telling me i have a higher chance of dying to COVID because i’m diabetic

    46. Hot Sauce

      It turns out that the robot picked up the Coronavirus and gave it to his boyfriend and his hard drive crashed.

    47. R Athey

      Should have interviewed the people that did the work and risked their lives, the nurses.

    48. Joyce Melnar

      What is keeping illegal aliens who cross the border anywhere other than a boarder crossing from contaminating someone. I hardly think our neighbors to the south are doing what the US is in order to contain this Horrible virus.

    49. Sarah Greear

      Screw the nurses and protect the doctors... guess they are expendable. Nice

    50. Plant Life of Rita Ella

      The question is: Will you be able to do this treatment to thousands of people at the same time?

      1. Plant Life of Rita Ella

        @Tanya Briggs I sister in law was in the ICU for a while and I could see that even in a normal situation there weren't that many beds left. People saying this should be let going around freely are nuts.

      2. Tanya Briggs

        @Plant Life of Rita Ella We would be in some serious trouble at that same hospital in Everett (I worked there) if we had even a small outbreak IF we had a lot of folks needing respirator care for no doubt we would already be overwhelmed from the smaller community hospitals transferring such patients to us since they would be questionable if they could support that level of care even for a few. Not enough beds...for sure.

      3. Plant Life of Rita Ella

        @tamoon sonalin of course not! They speak as if China had a terrible health system but I would want to see them do better in this situation, with this many sick people.

      4. tamoon sonalin

        The answer is no

    51. Colleen McGrady

      Corona virus might be transmitted by phones ????

      1. Tscherno Bill

        Or by alien goblins?

    52. kyle robinson

      Not to sound dumb but I thought they used to say there was no cure for the common cold. If a cold is a coronavirus doesn't that mean there is no cure for Wuhan virus?

    53. Jayashree Shreedharan



      It is my hope and prayer that scientists quickly break the genetic code to come up with a vaccine that can reduce the potency of this deadly coronavirus(COVID-19). The saddest aspect is it being communicable making it very devastating or ruthless. Am Albert David Quainoo and i care

      1. Tscherno Bill

        The good news is they already have the complete genetic code and 4 possible candidates for vaccines!

    55. Trish

      I guess you should have interviewed the nurses instead seeing as they were the ones hands on... yet of course Doctor will get all the credit🙄

    56. Robert Briglia1

      How do you pull that short straw

    57. Foodies For Singles

      Are the nurses robots as well?

      1. Tanya Briggs

        @Wtf Sup HEY...Rn's are too damn busy...they need robot nurses aides that can wipe butts, catch puke, take people to the bathroom 10 times a day...LOL! Last time I was in the hospital...and I'm an RN...I got NO toliet paper, No kleneex, no bed change, no wash cloth...and everytime I asked for tylenol they gave the lady in the other bed medicine for HER headache. HAHA! Patient care is NOT what it was when I was still working...

      2. Wtf Sup

        Not yet.

    58. AliceWonderland41

    59. SAnDee SAnDee

      Wuhan could use a few hundred of these robots....why dont they have them

    60. SAnDee SAnDee

      wow, they are high tech there

    61. Prophet YouTube

      So this f*cking clown sends in the nurse, what a hero, NOT!

      1. Linda Richmond

        He wanted to be a doctor and she wanted to be a nurse by choice.

      2. P.A.P Asmr

        Doctors don't do that, its the hospitals role who made this rule. Nurses come first after Doctors.. unfortunately

    62. Christopher Gonzalez

      Dr. Diaz? Where are these worthless Trump supporters crying for a wall?

    63. Transpecies Grolar Bear

      “COVID19” says the the WHO...which makes me wonder if they’re expecting we’ll have to face it again next flu season as “COVID20”?

    64. Wesley Patterson

      Wow so let the nurse is going to get contaminated but not the doctors have not cool

    65. brian woodward

      Dr. Seyfried of Yale has much evidence that exposes that cancer is not a genetic disease, but a metabolic one. It would mean that investors are wasting their money.

    66. jhj pater

      nurses are the real heros

      1. Kiss my Feet

        Of course they’re the real hands on as in literally direct contact.

      2. Roberto Martin


    67. First Last

      It's COVID-19

    68. CLC in Florida

      The Doctors know how deadly it is, they aren't going to take any chances... as always the Government is lying and keeping their citizens in the dark...

    69. d man

      Ah the virus ah was bad ah but ah that is ah life

    70. Tommy Quinones

      Why didn’t they provide the nurses with hazmat suits?!?

      1. Yas Shein

        @Tommy Quinones a shrink is what you need.

      2. Tommy Quinones

        Yas Shein I’m not triggered. I rarely get offended in the real world, and I never have taken offence to any doofus online. Do you regularly post on twitter? You certainly sound like the type, as you have no life (you’re sitting in front of the screen raging out, feeling a sense of accomplishment) and take every single thing so personally. If you’re a female, I’m sure other women can’t stand how gossipy, and nosy you are. If you’re a male (which is very like), you’ve never had a physical altercation in your life because if you did you’d know not to run your insufferable mouth off as if there are no real consequences to face. Again, I must stress... you are an idiot. Your psychoanalyse just reveals how dumb you are.

      3. Yas Shein

        @Tommy Quinones TMI that none cares about, but thanks for leaving nursing school. You clearly are not cut for such a noble job. First, you don't have the heart for it. Second, you don't have the intellectual quotient for it. And last, you certainly don't have the psychological stability for it as evidenced by you being a self-confessed hypochondriac and actually just by you getting easily triggered shows the low EQ you have. Pls go see s shrink.

      4. Tommy Quinones

        Yas Shein You have poor reading comprehension skills. I provided a small amount of my background; meaning I didn’t go into detail. I said I went to nursing school but I didn’t say I’m a nurse nor did I say that I took the state board exam. Since you care so much I will tell you... I left nursing school with only two months left til completion because I didn’t want to be around sick patients anymore (I’m a hypochondriac and being armed with medical knowledge only made it worse). So, I went back to university to complete my bachelors degree. I’ve always wondered how operating in this world with such a dim mind feels. Can you please explain your experiences? When other people successfully complete simple tasks in a timely manner and you’re still far behind do you even notice it?

      5. Yas Shein

        @Tommy Quinones lmao. graduated does not mean you actually passe the board exam and is working as a REGISTERED nurse, mr. wannabe nurse with low IQ =)

    71. Rx - Orwell Ann Good

      CDC warn of Counterfeit Mask, not protecting

    72. Asta Black

      Population control hopefully we get a mutation which is what usually happens

      1. Andrew Caballero

        What the hell

      2. Vinh Bảo

        Or the virus will adapt to human host and spread easier.

    73. Two Left Shoes

      Sounds just like the flu.

    74. Gopinath Murmu

      American DNA and Uk DNA people , will not die from this virus. and this virus is man made virus.

      1. Satisfying Slime DIY

        Gopinath Murmu which on are u MR coronavirus expert?

    75. backflipsaresweet

      So nurses are dispensable, and doctors are not? Ok I think I got it

      1. Joan Smith

        That dr is a yard

      2. Blankt Blankito

        Its like the dude Said. In these circumstances you dont have the luxury to think about feelings. Its about survival of the majority not minority..

      3. Terence M

        ​ deborahdoesscrap Thankyou for a lovely and reasonable discourse! If i am honest in the times i have required it it i have probably had the best medical care from nurses first and foremost and have had middling to poor medical care from doctors over the years. Without fail it was nurses who understood my situation better, and the doctors were in many cases simply a hurdle to jump through for everyone because they could come in and write the actual script, even though it was very likely the nurses doing the bulk of the fact gathering and hence contributing most to the correct diagnosis. In actual fact, when it comes to this particular illness, it seems that supportive care is what is helping the majority of patients through to recover and i have no doubt at all that the nurses are doing 90 percent or more of that work. Maybe i will agree. You are right that no one human life is worth more than any other. If i had to work with a group of people that did often, consciously or subconsciously, think of themselves as somehow above others then i don't think i would have too much sympathy for then when they wanted others in harms way but not themselves.

      4. deborahdoesscrap

        @Terence M i totally get what you are saying and on a purely intelligent level I might even agree. However, I feel like one life equals another life. Doctor's are no better than anyone else. Now if he is the last Doctor on the face of the Earth then maybe but in general, who knows who is really valuable. Maybe the lay person who dies would have found the cure while the Doctor who lives never gets there. Anyway, it is all conjecture and I just feel that that particular Doctor didn't really think about how his comment would be interpreted. I am okay with the Doctor staying out of harms way. Just think they often speak without thinking and also have little common sense or vocabulary. Can't tell you the number of times the Doctor would go to the room and talk with the patient, they would ask there questions, he would answer but not really and as soon as they left, the patient would ask me what he said or what he meant. I actually had a Doctor ask me to go to the room with him to discuss the patient's post op condition. He told her that surgery went well, that she was doing well and turned and walked out the door, stopped, looked back in and said, "Oh and by the way, it is cancer", and left. There are wonderful Doctor's out there and there are some real jerks. Most are okay. I was the Administrative Nursing Supervisor and the number of times I had to deal with the jerks has coloured my opinion. Sorry!

      5. Terence M

        ​ deborahdoesscrap Maybe it's a good thing they are only communicating through the Robot then. Safer for everyone involved. I didn't mean to be disparaging at all towards nurses. But it is just part of the human condition that in some instances certain people may be prioritized over others for the overall greater good. Think about how many women and children are evacuated first from dangerous situations - because i guess ultimately they are more valuable to the human race in general than some older gentlemen - and i agree wholeheartedly with that practice. In a disaster, normal pleasantry and rules is sometimes done away with and strategic priorities are given. I hope nurses can be absolutely just as safe as Doctors, but if that is only feasible at the moment for the Doctors, then i still think it should be done, and people should understand it is a good thing and not view the whole exercise in a way that pits certain people against others un necessarily. If everyone took on the view that this comment espoused you would have the Doctors forgoing the safety precaution (because everyone is up in arms because it is 'unfair') . The comment i responded to is not too dissimilar from the old saying of wanting to cut of your nose to spite your face. It should be corrected. "Just because the nurses don't have the immediate benefit of this ground breaking technological tool that has just come about, then the doctors shouldn't either. So theeeeeree. REEEEEE" And literally i don't think it will be only doctors that use this tool. I can see so many instances where the nurses can use it for simple information gathering tasks.

    76. King Baldwin IV

      Team Coronavirus over team flu virus.

    77. LostInPA

      Stop complaining about the nurses. Nurses are important but this doctor is way more important to keep in the game.

      1. kim michaud

        No the nurses are more important they give out medication bedpans etc if the nurses weren't there the patient wouldn't get any care !

    78. Phil A

      Lets appropriately rename the virus the "Xi Jinping Virus". let make sure he doesn't pass the blame for it.

      1. Phil A

        Everything was planned. From Timing of the lunar new year to timing with American trade war to how the CCP would react.

      2. Christopher O'Brien

        @fairplayall There's a lot we don't know yet. I can't see any reliable evidence that it targets Asians. It's killing mostly Asian people and more men but it started in China and causes pneumonia, affecting the lungs, China has air pollution and 50% of men smoke while just 2% of women. It's unlikely even if it's designed that it targets particular ethnic groups but unfortunately it'll probably spread and we'll see.

      3. fairplayall

        @Christopher O'Brien don't think the world are that stupid to fall for that fake stories put out by USA. No one believe that bs. Chinese designed a virus that has genome to target Chinese and released it at the right timing and spot? And those researchers had to travel to the animal market and ACCIDENTALLY RELEASED THEM? Give us a break. Anyway let's see if it can be proven in the near future There are just to many WHYs...

      4. Christopher O'Brien

        @fairplayall could have been designed and planted by a disgruntled Chinese research student or other bio terrorist or slack Chinese bio security, didn't come from the market they were quick to point to anyway.

      5. fairplayall

        @Christopher O'Brien it's Trump flu ....planted in China

    79. LostInPA

      Just read that China is not counting infected, but asymptomatic, patients as infected. So yeah. Numbers. This is against WHO guidelines. WHO responded with “that seems strange”. Face palm.

      1. Marc Zhu

        @LostInPA you can believe them for good and neutral news but forget bad news you need to do it yourself.

      2. LostInPA

        Marc Zhu Nice propaganda “Marc”. You think anyone believes the CCP? Nope.

      3. Vinh Bảo

        Numbers from China don't matter anymore because everyone knows that CCP can't contain the virus.

      4. Marc Zhu

        You read 4 categories or just take the partial information.

    80. Mark Alford

      How about high doses of Vitamin C 🤷🏾‍♂️

      1. TruTop 9s

        How about heroine

      2. Toothless Seer

        Yup! And walk it off :):):)

      3. Quaalude Charlie

        🌷🙏 QC