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    From director David Lowery and starring Dev Patel, Alicia Vikander, and Joel Edgerton. The Green Knight - Summer 2020.
    RELEASE DATE: Summer 2020
    DIRECTOR: David Lowery
    CAST: Dev Patel, Alicia Vikander and Joel Edgerton
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    1. Sam B

      The winning formula is "make everything as dark as "Game of Thrones"....

    2. rouke bangma

      The witch vibes!

    3. Tobyn Hiatt

      Read this tale and school, now this shits got a movie. Classic.

    4. UnableToWin

      I am in love with A24 now.

    5. dmc 6

      Oh that vibe of Dark Souls...chilling

    6. Ren The Villain

      Is it weird im getting a dark souls vibe from this movie?

    7. Frank Slater

      Looks like a great film. I just wish they would stop casting ethnically foreign people to play key figures in our history & folklore.

      1. Rohan

        You'll be fine

    8. 호러아트공장 - Horror Art Factory

      A24 is at it again. Super excited for this!!

    9. cedricSSW

      DARK SOULS THE MOVIE I’m not saying this because “it’s medieval and dark so it must be like Dark Souls” but as a Dark Souls expert this teaser does have some dark and gritty vibe to it. Even though it won’t have demons/fantastical creatures in the movie but it does have some Dark Souls vibe.

    10. EtchedInStone

      David Lowery, reliable.

    11. Taurus Dragon

      Alicia acted in Ex Machina and now she's also in this movie? BTW the soundtrack for the trailer is GREAT! Go check out Secession Studio he's the one who crafted the music!


      Sir Gawain, a white European character played by a non white...Typical pc revisionist bullshit.

      1. Rohan

        Oh no what ever will you do :(

    13. Christian Hagerman

      How did I not hear this was being made?!?!? I've been dying for some true Arthurian shit and Gawain and the Green knight can potentially be done great justice told in modern film.

    14. Ares90210

      I wonder what the budget is for this film. Could it be A24 most expensive film to date?

    15. Vincent Pedone

      Fist Sonic, now Dark Souls....

    16. Nero Bruno

      It scares me. 🙄 Even though I read the story 25 years ago.

    17. W.C. S.

      Will this have a 4k release?

    18. MartialArtsCat101

      A24 keeping cinema alive

    19. Paul Matian

      Chills my BLOOD

    20. Niko Williams

      A24 making heads roll before it was cool

    21. Mark Haze

      I know I've heard that creepy sound at 0:14 in some other A24 film. The sound as soon as his head is on fire.

    22. ryan barker

      yeah, this looks cool enough, but why the hell did they hire an indian guy for the protagonist? nothing against the actor at all, but why is hiring a white guy who's appropriate for the time and context of the movie bad? funny how the SJWs railed against white-washing, and given the chance what do they do? yep, turns out they're complete hypocrites. gotta get those woke points, i suppose. good trailer, though.

      1. La Avaler

        @ryan barker First of all, I don't remember Gawain being mentioned in history class because he never existed and second if an alien that shoots lasers out of its ass actually be a valuable part of the movie then I see no problem. Not sure where's the contrarian part, I am very consistent with my beliefs about freedom of expression and ability of an artist to reinterpret older art however they see fit. Have you ever considered that it's not only about some imaginary blue hair people complaining but because there are non-white actors who also want to get a job and excluding them from fantasy because brown people make you feel uncomfortable is not exactly the best idea. Maybe they just want to hire someone who's competent at what they do? Surprisingly enough there's a Moor in Arthurian legends, couple of Saracens too set in 5th century Britain. Those god damn medieval social justice warriors must ruin everything!

      2. ryan barker

        @La Avaler so, you'd be okay with the protagonist being an eight-tentacled alien that shoots lasers out its ass, because you don't remember that being mentioned in history class? if you want to be contrarian and/or white knighting, that's fine, but as a movie-goer suspension of disbelief is actually a thing. the problem is the reverse of white-washing a character for woke points. you wouldn't hire a white guy as your protagonist for an arabian nights movie, nor should you, because it doesn't belong. again, nothing against this actor at all, but why is an indian dude playing an english role? the answer is because you can't have an all white cast for a movie anymore without the blue hairs REEEEEEing about it, despite it being a movie they have no intention of seeing anyway. it's why we can't have nice things anymore. sure, it's an action fantasy, but it's not based in the land of narnia, the arthur legend does have a loose sense of history grounded in reality in the sense it's england during a certain broad period. were it a robin hood tale you'd expect to have a moor. with this casting choice, will they explain it? if so, there's the problem -- when you make inorganic 'creative' decisions based on what marketing says you should do, then you've given up part of your real creative freedom and lock yourself into scenes and dialogue explaining why this unnecessary narrative inconsistency exists. it's akin to having to explain why your cell phone doesn't work in a horror movie. as a storyteller, it'd be more interesting to have the protag be a female as long as she's not a mary sue as opposed to just making the character some different nationality. so, if not for woke points, why did they choose this actor? given that it's presumably earth during a certain time period in england, aesthetic and dramatic embellishments accepted, what are your thoughts on the reasoning here? if it's just a case of 'we choose an actor because of his ability and nothing more,' why aren't there chinese there, too? or is it really just a case of needing *some* diversity as not to be reprimanded by a vocal minority?

      3. La Avaler

        @ryan barker Don't remember many large green people in middle ages or Arthurian legends being real and I graduated history.

      4. ryan barker

        @La Avaler given the context clues of the film barring certain anachronisms, it's safe to peg the timeframe in the middle ages.

      5. La Avaler

        Appropriate for what time? Can you give me a year during which Gawain has beheaded the Green Knight?

    23. Adam Radziwill

      an Indian man plays an ancient British character , no thanks

      1. Lydiard91

        Hear hear

      2. La Avaler

        Brutish character?

    24. Kingdoms

      I hope the frost giants win. More BS from diversity

    25. J Lupus

      The Dark Knight wasn’t enough. Make movies on ALL the colors!

    26. robantace

      Wow the editing and sound design!!

    27. Jeremy S

      Looks unique :)

    28. David

      What in the Hereditary Midsommar is going on here?

    29. Terry James DuBois

      Whoa...What is this?! Midsommar meets with Game of Thrones and mix with Arthurian Legend? I'm hooked!

    30. William Poole

      Really A24? Even you guys are changing the races of characters?

    31. Bruno Jimmy

      why there is a black person portraying a knight? you know a little of history right? sometimes i see american things that dont fix

      1. Effect

        Nevermind that Dev Patel isn't black, there was a black knight within Arthurian Legend. Sir Morien, featured the saga of Morien written in the 13th-century. Described as "He was all black, even as I tell ye: his head, his body, and his hands were all black, saving only his teeth. His shield and his armour were even those of a Moor, and black as a raven."

    32. Di Gix

      the white walker.. slummdog millionaire doesn't fear you

    33. joeypropeller

      The sound at the beginning of the trailer is from the opening of Twin Peaks: The Return.


      A24 film? Enough said...Im in!!!

    35. Garrus1995

      This movie looks insanely intriguing. If nothing else, A24 produces films always try something different.

    36. produccionvagas

      The fox hunt. I need the fox hunt in this movie...

    37. Hernan Cortes

      Sir Gawain should be white.

      1. La Avaler

        @Hernan Cortes One doc you saw? Cool, but one doc is usually pretty poor especially when you can't name it. Still Arthurian Legends mostly represent the contemporary culture of the time in which they were created. So if people in high middle ages can do whatever they want with Britons, add concepts that are quite modern to them but didn't exist in 5th century Britain and also introduce purely fantastical elements, why can't we do the same? I'd like to remind you that Arthurian legends already featured non-white characters centuries ago.

      2. La Avaler

        @Lydiard91 Well, another semester at my college ended. Not having to go through all the conflicts between Holy Roman emperor and the pope left me with a lot of free time. Still it takes 2 minutes tops and I actually do have better things to do.

      3. Hernan Cortes

        @La Avaler The roots of the arthurian legends may even go so far back into old celtic territory according to one doc I saw, but you get my point. They were white, all of them.

      4. Lydiard91

        @La Avaler I'm so glad you having nothing better to do with your life

      5. La Avaler

        @Lydiard91 Hey, you're free to cry about brown people ruining your entertainment, but I'm also free to laugh at you. Also those comments take like 2 minutes to write at most.

    38. PrairieStorm

      It doesn't say where it will be premiering. Is this in theaters or NETFLIX or Amazon or HBO...anyone?

    39. Johnathan D. Hill

      A24 always making occult type films, Not mad about it - bud this lowkey my goto film company for some otherworldly shit

    40. Caleb H

      The Tale of the Green Knight is one of my absolute favorites! I can’t wait to see A24’s artistic portrayal of the story

    41. corey douglas

      If only they had a piano note with extra reverb : /

    42. Flora L. Print

      ok but like... the green knight could get it

    43. Quiet 93

      Brownwashing European tales again.

    44. Duppy King

      Hope this is horror. Remember Excalibur. There was a touch of dread and horror in parts. Right tone.

    45. Duppy King

      Don't show the monster! Trim down a little and almost perfect trailer. Oh the horror !

    46. Dan Customer

      Yes I believe I can see a lot of head chops and dismemberment in this one !

    47. sean barragan

      What a chilling musical score.

    48. JivvyTortoise

      2 Reasons why I want to watch this movie: 1) It seems like a good movie 2) I get to trigger a bunch of White Racists. Thank you A24 now I can enjoy watching the movie and feel good knowing I did something good :)

      1. Damn Fiddle

        @The Bandog litterally the comment above this one is about his race. Lol stop pretending to be an idiot😆

      2. The Bandog

        @Effect ~Well, I did read through the comments, and I can't find any. I think you're lying because it suits what you _want_ to be true. But whatever, as I said, even IF there were... so what? You said you don't give a shit, and people are allowed to criticize, so why would that make them racist? That was the original point, remember?

      3. Effect

        @The Bandog Because if you had you would have seen one of the numerous comments talking about the subject. I don't give a shit about the skin color of actors in movies, I never said people can't criticize.

      4. The Bandog

        @Effect ~No I didn't... what? Read through the comments? Of course I did. Lmao why would you even presume to tell me I didn't? And in any case, if you don't give a shit then why argue about it? _Aaaand_ even if you can cast whoever you want, aren't people still "allowed" to criticize the choice?

      5. Effect

        @The Bandog No you didn't. I personally don't give a shit, movies aren't real. It's a free world, you can cast whoever you like in your movies.

    49. Micah Johansson

      A24 doing wacky trailers. I'm in! Fully! I don't what this movie is about, but I'm excited. Looks fantastic.

    50. Ddewin Æther

      Are we just gonna ignore the fact that author is in a yellow garb?

    51. Force Ghost Burt Reynolds

      "sword of the valiant" starring sean connery as the green knight - go watch that instead

      1. Ares90210

        William Poole L

      2. Icedrum

        @William Poole I don't think "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" is history to begin with, guy.

      3. La Avaler

        @William Poole Neither one of those two movies is historical.

      4. William Poole

        @La Avaler because A24 is making diversity history movies. Might as well be a comedy.

      5. La Avaler

        Why not watch both of those movies?

    52. Tommy Gunn

      An Indian Knight in 1500's Britian😆😆😆😆😆😆

      1. Effect

        Arthurian legend is set in the 5th/6th century, not the 1500's.

      2. La Avaler

        @Tommy Gunn Hey if one can make a good movie out of it I see no problem. It's not like Robin Hood has been adapted dozens of times already with white actors playing the main role, right? I am once again asking about how did you come up with 1500's number?

      3. Tommy Gunn

        @La Avaler You know All those Indian Royals in Med-Evil Europe... Yes its i agree this movie is 100% fictional 😆 NEXT- Since Robin Hood wasnt Real, lets get an Old, Wheelchair bound, Woman of Color for the Role!! 😂😂😂 Lets make Robin an LGBT member while we are at it👍

      4. La Avaler

        1500's? Are you high? Not to mention the fact that Arthurian legends are fictional and do feature people of colour, but where did you get 1500's?

    53. Tyler Barton

      Probably my favorite A24 trailer up to date, and that’s really saying a lot considering how good all of their trailers are

    54. winter ramos

      A24 be getting all my rent money

    55. Citizen Tart -

      But why the hell no green color

    56. Citizen Tart -

      I thought a24 was a company for independent films...

    57. PCStudio


    58. Dempsey Tapley

      “Foxes can’t howl.... “ my gf

    59. L P

      Colour me very interested

    60. Hamza

      Soundtrack is a banger