THE THIRD WHEEL - Merrell Twins


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    Being the Third Wheel is the WORST!
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    1. merrelltwins

      Have you ever been a third wheel?😭

      1. Aliegh Flores

        No but someone had third wheeled me

      2. Evelyn Leclerc

        I am now, we’ll not exactly now, but my best friends are in a relationship and I’m the only one who is single so this is great I’m always the third wheel that’s chill 🤦‍♀️

      3. Leah Melara

        @Rune Pettersen 𝓊𝓇 𝓈𝓉𝓊𝓅𝒾𝒹

      4. Rune Pettersen

        Only as chaperone...

      5. Zoe Hawaii

        Can't relate, but I probably will be in the future...

    2. Asra Abro

      piccasso is roni? r

    3. vici 4599

      haha Dustin „Oh ma god!?“

    4. # Cats4Life

      "Have you been a third wheel? Me: So many times, and i hate it

    5. Phoebe Bain

      you should make a Picasso channel

    6. Aliegh Flores

      Can you guys please do a Q&A video

    7. Gaming with Andrea

      Ughhhh aaron and roni are so cutee

    8. Blue Sky??


    9. Hallie June

      2:23 anybody notice how only Roni and Aaron clinked on to love. Was it just me that noticed that...

    10. Hylandria Yazzie

      i know this was gonna happen😂😂💀

    11. Tomas gamer


    12. Wolfie Gacha

      I knew that was gonna happen at the end.

    13. Stanley Spicer

      I feel like pressco was slex but he couldn't come because he is making a music video with anorther girl

    14. Mikayla DeBerry

      i love you guys! i told all of my friends about you guys!

    15. Norris nuts lover263 Ava dyer

      Where is vanessa boyfriend from twin my heart

    16. Silver Hall

      you know how long we have just been trying to tell you to date noah nessa just pls do it and roni i think you need to date rhino like so they can see pls make it happen👏👏

    17. Chris Goodwin

      This was so funny I loved it very good video to watch

    18. Najwa El-eter

      2:42 the video turned into asmr...... 🤣🤣🤣

    19. Forestic

      Has anyone ever been a 3rd wheel in a video game? Fricken sucks, I can relate on every level.

    20. Daniel Salas

      I have never been the third weel

    21. Daniel Salas


    22. Daniel Salas

      I 😍 your vids

    23. 99 Frames

      800 likes and I tell my crush I like him ! My friend likes him to and doesn't know... Good luck 😁🤞

    24. Amelia Hong

      this is my favorite video

    25. Marley Disney

      Merrell twins I love you plz can you put me in your video I’ve watched you for 6 years

    26. Athena Chan

      when I am bigger I will not Third wheel ANYBODY

    27. Manjinder sandhu

      the Merrell twins are gauy they sick

    28. berry merry cakemas

      *should i take the salad away from the person who doesn't exist?*

    29. m0qa.a

      pikas kinda cute ngl...

    30. Abigail Chan

      Nessa: I’ve had an upset stomach and Picas also had an upset stomach Me: how do you know

    31. Bunloung Kouy

      Some how u guys always get Pokémon in ur skits lol😂😂

    32. Shean Pedrosa

      13:39 she says pico supposed to be pica

    33. Mia Lego

      Did anyone else notice that the painting had tape on the rude parts.😀

    34. Skit Lab

      we need some help with making some skits we're new in the you tube business and my friends a big fan so we need some help thanks

    35. Jennifer Antonyuk

      Me tho

    36. esha uddin

      "We only have spaghetti on the menu" Brings up salad desert and bread sticks Me: well, it is 2020. Don't be weirded out

    37. Nur Aleesya

      Vanessa looks sooo pretty here. And Roni looks cute with that dress

    38. Nur Insyirah Adreena Mohd Fuad

      What a great ending...👍👍🤣

    39. Nhanh Duong

      If you ever date a man named Picasso Valentino he will never show up so LEAVE, AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!!!!!!

    40. Isabella felix

      Roni tells Arron take your fork

    41. サイコSaikoYT

      This is fake

    42. littleasian fangirl

      Why is she in front of veronicas boyfriend, that's literally declaring something else

    43. Ninaray DM

      The second hand embarassment is strong with this one!

    44. leahb 101

      I’m always the third wheel 🥺 like if u are too

    45. Rune Pettersen

      I agree with Aaron - I like Pica too!

    46. Wade Chit

      Noah would never stood Vanessa up. No cap!

    47. Debra Lau

      Who is with Picasso Valentino Roni or Nesa

    48. 10k subs with no videos?

      Vanessa!!! Date Noah

    49. Charlee Cleotchel


    50. happypapaya461

      now try being a 5th wheel..... when both of my guy friends want their gfs to meet, but also me bc we're all from 3 different countries and dont know when we're going to see each other again

    51. Beth Harvey

      Vrasa Danel is in love with you

    52. Sabrina Aldea

      I was hoping that alessa was true

    53. Alicia Gardiner

      That "oh my god" at the end had me floored 😂😂

    54. Tanvi Shendge

      Christian has left the chat..

    55. babies & animals

      Roni and Aron look so cute together 🤭💓🤩

    56. Skye Leupold

      I love your videos this video is so funny❤️

    57. Alyssa Vue

      Why do the breadsticks literally looks like the ones from target😂😂😂😂

    58. Alaynah Middleton bey

      O my god at the end ha

    59. Zara Malik

      Vannessa from spy ninjas Daniel wants to be your valentine

    60. Lemonade Girl

      Dear Roni and Aaron, If you guys are dating for real don't be afraid to tell your fans all of them are so supportive of ronron, They're really happy when you guys make eye contacts and yeah, Please tell us the truth :)