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9 миӊ. көрүүлөр3

    Our Bachelor Tim reminises over his Bachelor journey, and answers your burning questions such as 'what kind of underwear do you wear?'
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    The Bachelor Canada
    Season: 2 Episode: 11
    Bachelor: Tim Warmels
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    1. Ruby Santiago

      May God bless them ❣️❣️

    2. Laisani Bale

      Tim did great in his Canada bachelor season, matured enough to handle his girls so professionally, good job Tim.,I admired your love story. So genuine and honest and you exactly know what you doing, At the end you will choose only ONE.

    3. niematan solamenteazucaralgunofanculo

      Dang! I wish we got him

    4. Yah 88!!

      His lips look over kiss