Tim & April Sunset Dinner In Tahiti | The Bachelor CA

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    Tim & April embark on the next part of their fantasy suite date by having a sunset dinner in Tahiti, before hitting the fantasy suite ;)
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    The Bachelor Canada
    Season: 2 Episode: 9
    Bachelor: Tim Warmels
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    Tim & April Sunset Dinner In Tahiti | The Bachelor CA

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    1. Doris Singh

      Beautiful couple

    2. kokob temelso


    3. Naado Edwards

      Tim looking at April like his mom does.Why are you there April

    4. Evangeline Arcilla

      are they married now? Tim and April? just for info.

    5. Ummi

      These 2 are my ultimate bachelor couple. Too bad they didn’t last

    6. Senait Tesfaldet

      I can't stop watching every morning this couple their so cut ❤️

    7. Marie Pierre

      They 're looked like brother and sister.She is really reserved young girl and the way She raises in traditional way.She is prudent wand personal.Tim you make a good choice.God bless you both and good luck.

    8. Senait Tesfaldet

      She's so pretty

    9. Dineo Kokobele

      Woow Inlove with this couple, she s so cute, so down to earth ohh my God. Pls Tim dnt mess-up her heart

    10. Inking It

      Wow. She showed a lot of vulnerability, I pray he knows what to do with it.

      1. Patrocia Lett

        But smart

    11. Renee Runyan

      He’s acting like he’s in a soap

      1. afzal ahmed hassim

        My fiance said the same thing LMAOOOOO

    12. Rain Onme

      Beauty and handsome. Whoa

    13. hyep derp

      She is so prettyyyyy

    14. Trevor Michaud

      Dutch has a plan

    15. Trini Gal

      Beautiful couple!

    16. Husna Juma

      She is so gorgeous

      1. Don Marco

        average, the guys handsome tho

    17. plantec Smiths

      What the heck is her ethnicity type? Parents Half-indian half-canadian?

      1. Michelle Mayo

        Oh!no you are not at they end so sad..what happened?

      2. Marion Eaddie

        @Dana Childs wrong!!! phillipino and spanish!!

      3. Dana Childs

        She is of Greek and German heritage.