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    Amid the coronavirus outbreak in China, a viral video claims that the Chinese government has started killing coronavirus-infected patients. Here's the truth.
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    1. Blunderful Red


    2. Shahil shotgun


    3. Vegeta SayianMcanon

      You are garbage

    4. Dinesh Bishnoi

      Jhuthi Randi

    5. CS K

      Best worst news...

    6. Nick Mullinix

      "So I asked Chinese state-run television, and they said everything was fine there." Okay, I'm satisfied.

    7. Venkat Narayan

      What was that, where did you prove ? And you taking reference from Chinese network to verify, of course they will say Fake regardless of anything.

    8. Babeena_Gt _

      Fake news this lady gives , she has no idea what is truly happening in china

    9. Cyril Thomas

      Yeah you have access to Chinese government activities, they will do anything to contain what they have released...they already punished the whistle blower....

    10. M B

      We are well aware what china is capable 🙄👉 Than where is 21 millions mobile subscribers are missing in China..All are shot down who were infected with corona virus

    11. Preethi Joekenn


    12. Carol K

      Even this channel cannot verify what's going on in the video. Just Dumb!

    13. Valerie Smith

      I can't understand what the heck you are saying!!

    14. Tiya Malhotra

      Everything is true fool

      1. Divyansh Srivastava

        And how r u sure of that ?

    15. enn 1922

      idiots. they are killing their own citizens, nothing new. And they push with extreme violence, the people in the trucks. Are you paid to propagate your BS ?

    16. Nero DMC

      Am just ignoring crona but watchibg this girl


      You are 3part of the video is motorcycle accident but where is motorcycle will crying background sound gun shots why

    18. Tom Florea

      If they weren't killing them they wouldn't be struggling to get away when they're being dragged by hazmats into a room like a rag doll to be slaughtered.

    19. k r

      Quint and NDTV this are paid Chanels ..🐖every video is fake..

    20. aniruddha gokhale

      Fuck you Quint👎👎👎🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

    21. Falcon X

      You can't rely on communist channels like Quint

    22. Hemant Kuruva

      So you're fact checking by using a state-funded media entity, CGTN's version. I think I should fact-check you first.

    23. j.v.p & J.V.P

      Fake fake

    24. taylor leffler


    25. Babeena_Gt _

      Perhaps the video is fake, but This is NOT fake really, I have 6 friends in quarantine in wuhan and they still have social media but are limited to what they can do because it's a communist country. But the fact the the police are ABSOLUTELY killing the infected who refuse to go into quarantine. This videos she is showing is unrelated to what is really happening there

    26. Christopher Braddy

      If you ask me few things still don't sit right with me. 1st 3 guys with guns for rabid dog. 2nd everyone supposed to be on lock down so what people is this dog attacking? 3rd. Did you hear how many shots was fired ? What was it a dog or a bear . perhaps they can't aim or never fired a gun? And 4th how is it these two family members are riding a bike around on lock down ? Answer these questions which by the way since when does china explain themselves ?

    27. Jake Wheelie

      When the CCP pays various outlets ...

    28. Debjyoti Roy

      Baler Quint .china choda Boca choda.Slave of China 😂😂😂😂

    29. Vipul Jain

      Nonsense idiot lady 🤣🤣🤣

    30. Avi

      Her thick mumbai accent gave me cancer.

    31. ugyen ugyen

      i wish its real,it should be real

    32. antwerpen60

      Good job.

    33. Erik Valle

      Imagine walking down the street and you hear a pow pow when your not even infected just trying to walk your dog.

    34. z kumar

      quint is also left ideology channel.......showing 'lal salam' brotherhood with chinese communist government

    35. Talal Huss

      And btw there are side roads for motorcycle and their is a speed limit and people only drive electric bikes in China

    36. Talal Huss

      No the video is real...motorcycle accident my ass... motorcycle accident for an old man and many dead bodies ..let Chinese government release the video from CCTV if they are honest...why are police covered and holding guns?


      5G is your problem


      Show some respect guys, cause people in china are suffering too. We should pray for them😖😖it's not about fake or real

      1. Christopher Braddy

        You are correct about showing respect that is why it does matter because if its real the implications are horrific and crimes against humanity .

    39. Harley Toms

      motorcycle accident? lmfao. where are the hospital records that would prove that? if the man died, where is the death certificate or autopsy report. it is you, woman, who believed in fake news. you dismissed a video without even presenting any certificate as proof

    40. Harley Toms

      wow. police without tranquilizer darts hunting a rabid dog. rabid dog. no tranquilizer darts. lmfao. real bullets. lmfao. where is the evidence for this dead rabid dog. police dont take videos or photos of keep killed animals? lmfao

    41. Dodi Presmana

      world know how close is india relation to china ...so dont think as we are easily fooled

    42. Rubby Jallis

      jokes on you we're not stupid

    43. Farhan Aftab

      Good job

    44. no - doubter

      truth or not , i can't understand your india moky accent

    45. nadine singh

      i dont believe the quint and if you wear coloured contacts like this indian woman who is trying to look whiter...why would i believe you and your fake eyes

    46. Suvra Bardhan

      What the hell is going on , the girl is trying to say that coronavirus is fake

    47. Duy Nguyen

      Let's face reality, China is the real virus. If we don't protect ourselves from them, they will spread

      1. GoldCraft

        They'll eat us.

    48. Timsanda40oz

      Don't downplay the seriousness of this.. Rabid dog>>>??? You believe that? They need automatic weapons and full protective gear when going to take out a sick dog?

      1. Christopher Braddy

        Agreed three guys with guns and I didn't even count how many rounds they fired . not to mention every dog I've seen in china small or skinny medium size deffinetly didn't take that many rounds .

    49. andrew kim

      the videos that they are claiming that its fake.its not this chineese cops are killing people who has corona virus.if am a chineese i can follow no law ..the chineese government knows verything that is going on.have you heard that people from the govern ment who has corona virus...they wunt live long

    50. Sharan chaudhary

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="104">1:44</a> can't u hear gun sounds in the background

      1. Anurag Games


    51. Aadarsh Tripathi


    52. Rita Love

      What about the gun shoot

      1. Anurag Games

        @peng wang seriously firecrackers ? Dummy that is not firecrackers.

      2. peng wang

        that is firecrackers on New Year,idiot

    53. M She

      How does a communist/socialist regime handle this? kgsel.info/video/video/gH1p25aopV2wsm0.html

    54. Lal Mohan

      60 to 90 million will die because of this virus and she is lying

    55. Glenn Whitfield

      As a Western Doctor living in Vietnam, I am disgusted by the pure lack of information supplied to us by the Chinese government

      1. Christopher Braddy

        Exactly. Yet they explain this video. Suspicious isint it.

    56. Steven J

      kgsel.info/video/video/kqeYsINvg4Ot3o4.html Try to debunk this....

    57. Rest In Peace Kobe 24


    58. Gonzalo Gonzalez

      Shame on whoever made up this video .....sick people .....dying and making a mocker of human life .I pray for China s recovery and condolences to loss of life my prayers are with you...... LOVE USA CHICAGO ILL.

    59. David Diaz

      The Quint is sponsored by China and Pakistan. I can confirm that China has in fact been killing infected people.

      1. Amit Khandekar

        Please confirm...

    60. Kylie Jason

      Fake news...just sit your ass in the studio and give people freaking fake news

    61. Dream Catcher

      It actually makes sense that ''the only way'' to get rid of the virus might be killing those infected people who don't take the situation seriously besides disinfection.. Remember that still no one knows where the f*ck that virus really came from..

      1. andrew kim

        dream catcher if they are killing people who has corona virus ..then why were they building a fucking hospital and how did they know the name of the virus

      2. You Wish

        World governments are all useless. Its probably time to dethrone them all.

    62. Valeera

      i wonder how much she was paid to lie and cover it up

      1. Arjun Lal


      2. Stockton 711

        India has a very talented medical research University , I surly bet they have the antidote to this Coronavirus but are keeping quietly , they know that War with China is in the Future , it's in the Plan to kill off Hundreds of Millions of both Super Power Population , Guess who behind the Future War , No Mystery , Just a little reality thinking of the Future to come .

      3. Rubby Jallis


      4. Stockton 711

        Better yet , what will India do with its 1 Billion people when the Coronavirus hit their Population , especially there large populated poor slum of Hundreds of Millions , also America need to Worry because of the large amount of Indians traveling to Indian and back to USA.

    63. BRAINLY

      kgsel.info/video/video/s6Si1pWYdmGw344.html How to kill coronavirus in 30 seconds

    64. Rebin archeo

      its true but i dont know about shooting but 5 million people already dead ...lot more to come ...

    65. margret

      what about this video? kgsel.info/video/video/j22tj4eOmn-xvn4.html

    66. kinga gyeltshen

      Her accent is irritating asf. .

    67. Raych Moochoo

      Why do you not show how this is proof it's debunked?? This video proves NOTHING

      1. Jake Wheelie

        The CCP is paying them

    68. santyns123

      Chinese can do anything.. Why dont you personally go and visit and shoot the video rather than sitting in the studio and judging the situation out there??

      1. Babeena_Gt _

        India honestly has no NO idea what is happening there. I have some very close friends who live there in quarentine, and they confirmed that officers absolutely are killing people who are infected

      2. Alexander Higgins

        @peng wang How come all the kung fu masters moved to the west?

      3. Noxxon -

        China sucks. Always has, always will. USA can do nothing to darken china's image more than the chinese already do.

      4. peng wang

        Western country and their media can do anything, they completed their capitalist primitive accumulation through colonization and plundering. awake man, don't let them wash your brain with their fake new which just aim to blacken China,

      5. Word of God Tv

        Indian media can do real interviews so better they can.....!

    69. nimra nadeem

      offcourse chinese will not kill them in front of world bcz their is social media so they are killing them in highly facilitated areas of chinese forces in the name of coronovirus to prevent it from more outbreak

      1. Stockton 711

        We just Drop Bombs on Populated city like Bagdad , Yemen , Syria and Hiroshima , Nagasaki ..

      2. Eti Jain

        Like u srsly believe any govt. Will kill ppl for that , except for modi govt. Ofc

    70. Empie Louw

      Oh really lady? I do not think all of this is fake news!

    71. 4surprisingly

      I love the way she talks

    72. Hajong Ashimananda ML

      Watch this instead of this quint kgsel.info/video/video/houBmJqQnJJ9v6A.html

    73. Steven J

      You can allegedly debunk 2 clips with your Sherlock Holmes investigating, yet you can't verify the clip with the gunshots....sounds like fake news to me, especially when you try to defend the Chinese authorities, who are the same Chinese authorities responsible for human/animal rights violations/abuses. The same authorities that have been filmed dragging infected people from the homes, and welding the doors of houses shut to prevent the spread of infection. If you are going to do a report, do it thoroughly and professionally and honestly.

    74. MarcoXDC Vor

      f**k bitch fake news

    75. xzabath1

      And then she proceeded to call and try to lower your credit card interest rate.

    76. Saehar Bokhari

      All himanshis are stunning

    77. Kuntal Mondal

      Chandel fallen in her own trap

    78. *Perro del Mal*

      She's fn pretty 😍

    79. Dai Bennett

      But but ding ding 2.99

    80. Abhiram Sasapu

      Goats ! Never realized that there are so many people in the world who are ready to believe in anything and everything.! Thanks for showing the truth 💯🔥

      1. Raych Moochoo

        If your in India, I would be more worried about the bio weapon parts that just got caught by customs in your country.. Also with suspected coronavirus maning the vessel. Water shortages also... We all get news reports and fake media.. We need to also think with an open mind. No hate... Just this video also did not debunk the videos.. Nor has anyone credited these videos as truth. Open minds....

      2. Raych Moochoo

        @Abhiram Sasapu we all know about the robots... From a video just like these.

      3. Abhiram Sasapu

        @Raych Moochoo well....I have just started supplying automated cleaning and disinfecting robots to hospitals in Wuhan ,Guangzhou and Beijing. So...I know the truth about what is going on there....yes .. Chinese government is not giving out the actual number of deaths...but things like this happen in any country Btw.. .I am from India 💯

      4. Raych Moochoo

        @Abhiram Sasapu so inform us.. Happy to listen... I have all day.

      5. Raych Moochoo

        @Abhiram Sasapu goes both ways...