Victoria Reveals Chase Rice Is Her Ex | The Bachelor

Bachelor Nation

Bachelor Nation

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    After one of the most awkward dates ever, Victoria finally plucks up the courage to come clean and reveal all to our Bachelor Peter. Did she do the right thing?

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    Season: 24 Episode: 4
    Bachelor: Peter Weber

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    1. Krupa Rose

      I swear, this lady is waaaay dramatic when she doesn't have to be. It can be so annoying.

    2. Max Culley

      It’s not a big deal... but I can’t believe she used to date a celebrity...! That’s crazy!

    3. verseolgy

      Hes having 30 relationships an she has an ex lol

    4. Chris plays ROBLOX op

      He is so freaking cute 😍😍😍❤️

    5. Sami McKinney

      i dont really understand why this is such a dramatic big deal lmao. if anything its kinda funny

    6. Hannah Ruth

      I’m sorry I’m a little confused.... she’s crying and upset? I get that it must have been weird to been having a date and your ex there too, but she’s somehow making herself the victim. She’s literally crying and saying “I knew you would react like that”. Girl he’s shocked! He didn’t flip out on her or anything like that and she’s acting like he freaked.

    7. Cathywilliams Williams

      Love it....

    8. Arabic

      Narcissistic person. She is playing the victim and crying like a baby when it’s really Pete who is hurt

    9. Olivia Maffucci

      She shouldn’t have had a good time and pretended the concert was fine

    10. Olivia Maffucci

      I literally don’t understand what the big deal is.... she would have no control over that. If I was her I would just whispered to him omg that’s my ex bf and then like laugh about it or something because it’s awkward but it’s not bad because it was out of her control...?

    11. opalfishy

      ok its not that weird, especially if you dont have feelings for your ex. they're really over-amplifying the drama. rdiculous

    12. Megan Olesen

      Hi everyone. This isn't relevant to the video but CHECK ON YOUR FRIENDS. Look up narcissism, become familiar with the signs...your friends and family may be >STUCK< with a narcissist. You may not believe what they tell you but you must. Narcissists are powerful and they infest this world. Please check on your loved ones. New lives will begin.

    13. Sophie Louise Roberts

      She’s drama😤

    14. Brok Homz

      My favorite part was when he’s like “wait no it can’t be, I talked to him”

    15. vincevega0

      Air head.

    16. Juliétte

      I thought this season was going to be the best one. It is the worst and only 2 weeks in!

    17. TwiCaCaX

      shes freaking out probably cos she broke it off badly to come on the show, and shes terrified its going to come out.


      I'm NOT buying Chase's explanation. He stated that he and Victoria only spent ONE night together in Charlotte. That is NOT an EX. That's a one night stand. And his reaction to her at the concert was MORE than JUST someone seeing a person they had a one night stand with

      1. Savvi C

        That dude Chase rice doesn't seem all that ok either. There's something not right about him. These two should be with each other.

      2. Chi Le

        His male ego was hurt because he thought The Bachelor producers approached him for his music and not his connection with one of the contestants.

      3. Debbie Smith

        EDEN MARIE JOHNSON day it louder please! Hahha so ridiculous and dramatic!

    19. black mamba

      Bachelor finding your exes lol hide yo kids hide yo wife hide yo husbands lol

      1. Molly chingwere


      2. Susie


    20. xxAlexixx88

      I have no idea what either of them said at the end of the video lol

    21. Marie Pierre

      Why she's acting that .Something was deeply going she's freaking out.She didn't tell you the really true .You are really an innocent to survive in women truck by manipulation of the situation very complicate.

    22. Traci PCpwer

      Send her home cracrazy bulgingbug eyed child girl

    23. suset

      Shay Mitchel doppleganger!

      1. Jodie Torio

        Walmart version of shay Mitchell

    24. Ame T.

      LMAOOOO this entire season is a mess

    25. Rita Montoya

      This is womanizing women in the biggest network and Rena in the world and you wonder why they're so many rapist in the world!!!!!!!

    26. Rita Montoya

      This is the most harith fix horrible show on television it completely makes YOUNG WOMEN LOOK LIKE DESPERATE WHORES... SHAME ON THE NETWORKS !!!!!

    27. Gxf lores

      I would not have crossed that crowd lol. The MINUTE I saw my ex I would’ve stopped and walked back. I would understand if he felt upset with her bc who just plays along like that?? Lol

    28. trumpit 2020

      She's making a big deal, bc she still cares about Chase.

      1. Juliétte

        trumpit 2020 or she is being an actress, they all seem like soap Stars😂

    29. Chloe Moore

      why is this even a big deal? i am so confused this is so dramatic FOR NO REASON these poor women are so worked up

      1. Chloe Moore

        I feel bad... these poor women are competing for one guy and this is 2020.... this show needs a makeover

      2. Zeyna Nd

        Exactly. This is season is weird. Every girl is going all out with rhe tears.

    30. T Breezy

      Tighten it up

    31. ENTER 10 MENT

      Lol have they all forgotten about Hannah B already?

      1. Jonathan Rocha

        What happened I don't watch the show

    32. Renusha Rattan

      She looks like shailene woodley 🤔

      1. Judith Hughes

        She looks like Shailene and The catch me outside girl.

      2. Sichael Mcott

        Jane Doe don’t know where the hell you see raven

      3. Jane Doe

        And Raven Simone all in one.

    33. sraphael2222

      She should have said something the minute she laid eyes on Chase.

      1. Gxf lores

        Savvi C then this was the wrong show for her to go on. Lol.

      2. Savvi C

        She has anxiety. She is always panicking at the drop of a hat. I'm guessing she isn't someone who can handle any kind of stressful situation very well.

      3. Sean Freiberger

        sraphael2222 but bye the time she knew it was him they were already being cheered on and surrounded by other people

    34. Samira Nurani

      Why do they say'like' all the time?that is so annoying

      1. Maureen Flovers

        I was just about to comment about the same thing..its almost 😊like they don't have much words to use...every sentence must have a like in to complete it

    35. Kate Wells

      And all of a sudden I'm rooting for her to win now 🤷‍♀️

      1. Juliétte

        Kate Wells yeah, that would be a perfect ending to this mess of a season😂

      2. sarah kelly

        Such a hot mess, I don't even know what to think.

    36. captain_ivan_89

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="123">2:03</a> & <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="145">2:25</a> When you realize you’re on reality tv and producers did you dirty. 🙈🥀

      1. DiverseJoe

        It be like that sometimes😂🤦🏾‍♂️