What happened with my HEAD SURGERY...



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    1. Miner Pro Man

      How in all of jesus christ's name did you not get flagged as kids content.

    2. Jason490 Gaming

      shave the beard a lil bit it will make it look better

    3. Jack Aboii

      “Medicine is pretty sick, right?” -sundee

    4. DJ-TlK

      2:53 Dr. Eggman!?!?!

    5. Samuel Alegre

      10 year old that just joined youtube Kid: I wanna edit Russell: Yes I will hire him

    6. Milo Stiffarm

      You have six six six six head

    7. Andy Aguirre/C-LOW12

      100 should do a murder mystery again

    8. Iceican

      why don't you just shave it all off you look pretty dang good bald

    9. Noah Brum

      Your hair is better but you need to fix your beard 🧔🏻

    10. TheFunnyPotato Boy

      4:10 you look like wolverine

    11. Dh23gaming 101

      Do a new blood and bones series


      Here is a video idea: SkyFactory

    13. LeadBOSShawk

      Yo bro, I LOVE the new look and it dose look awesome but I miss the classic ssundee hairline.... I’ve bean with you and your channel for the past 5 years now and the classic hairline is just nastaligic of all the crazy craft and prison and troll craft you did back in the day. I will get used to the new look but still, we will always remember Old Hairline

    14. Dominick Gallagher

      You look cool anyway

    15. Jenksman _YT


    16. MonoToneMoe

      Honestly just go bald I feel like you could pull it off especially with the beard

    17. xᴅ xᴅ sᴘᴀʀᴋɪᴇ

      I last watched you when you cut your hair *And sell it*

    18. bode wayne

      At least he is not embarrassed about it

    19. Jose Velasquez

      Can we get a round of apluse for how much Ian doesn’t care what people say about his hair

    20. Lykanian Hircineson

      How much did you pay because I have the same hairline and I am in need for surgery

    21. xViper ϟ

      Grow your hair long again 😊

    22. Bjart Murat

      You look better with your old hairline!

    23. The Yes

      2:39 he fr said 🎾

    24. Gabriel E

      Nice hair

    25. oof power of noobs

      5:01 OOF

    26. Jubin John Jacob

      Heres a video idea: playing games on roblox? I know a couple games on there where you have to gradually get better the more you play and you can make a series on it, like adopt me, bubble gum simulator, pet simulator and pet simulator 2. There is this youtuber named flamingo that makes roblox videos pretty much daily so maybe you can look at some the games he plays and make some videos on it? I don't know its up to you. its just a suggestion lol. good hairline Ian!

    27. Ghostly Gamer

      Your hair looks like a bicycle seat 🚲 😂

    28. Ghostly Gamer

      Ssundee when you got a bad hairline just do what we all do. Shave yourself bald and grow a beard or mustache

    29. ej tennispro

      5:31 thank me later

    30. Mini Messi

      4:12 he look like Gordon Hayward, ok🤩

    31. Ast0unding_MooN

      Will you grow it out again

    32. Noriaki Kakyoin


    33. Nicky Edwards

      I will give you some ideas ssundee but only on KGsel Here are some ideas Roblox Fifa 20 pack openings Murder run(mine craft) Vlogs with friends Hide and seek in real life

    34. Forsbærn sss

      2:40 you look like an egg😂😆

    35. Tommy Blindkilde

      from now on your my egg-head.

    36. MR LUNATIC

      Hey egghead (jk love you) did I get the job? It's been a week bro-ski!

    37. Patricia Tirado

      you look good

    38. Elai Dagan

      is it ok to apply if im 17? and a half

    39. gunrunner morris

      play world of Warcraft agin!

    40. Fortnite Streamer

      With the hair

    41. Demitrius Rodriguez

      In the wise words of Mr. Ian "Ssundee" ********, "I don't curr, I look like an idiot and I'm proud of it!" Keep up the positivity, and keep doin wat ur doin. You've come a long way.

    42. Cooper Lewis

      Only OGs will remember the ponytail

    43. Woolf attack Gaming

      The hair is back to its former glory

    44. Ryan Singh


    45. Lion Studios

      Look like cap Rogers in avengers 4:28

    46. Douglas Reiter

      Love the beard😀😀

    47. Wolf Steelpaw

      You still have a five-head! XD

    48. Alien Games Roblox etc.

      3:18 ssundee im more worried about your blue bone in your right arm im the egg pic

    49. Samantha Yates

      Now it's a 7 head

    50. Awkward Omelette

      there’s not really a big difference 😂

    51. Sword1214

      3:03 ssundee be looking like the egg from shrek

    52. NaniXGhoul-_-

      Ssundee: we've done broke lifeeeeeee

    53. zarrar

      dr eggman be like 3:00

    54. JTAG123 / jakobtheawesomegamer123

      0:36 you look beautiful

    55. a banana

      I mean you still have a five head but is not as bad

    56. Alexis Vanderwal

      You don't look redickulous at all

    57. Chicken Leon

      Russel da Best

    58. Watrix

      Ssundee do a chin reveal again lol (u look weird with that beard)

    59. Samantha Amai

      It looks great

    60. lukettaaa 26

      Your new hair is awesome