Who Will Get The First Impression Rose? | The Bachelor Switzerland

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Bachelor Nation

28 миӊ. көрүүлөр12

    Using samba to dance her way into Clive's heart, Samba is the lucky lady Clive gives his first rose to. Don't forget to let us know what you think in the comments. 👇
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    Der Bachelor 7 Episode: 1
    Bachelor: Clive Bucher
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    күнү жарыяланды 4 ай мурун


    1. Hallo Du

      Im from Solothurn

    2. SillyBeastMonkey

      Why am I up at 3 am watching this

    3. GOT Fan

      I have only one thing to say, the German they are speaking is one of that of people who have throat infection. The real pure unadulterated German is spoken in Germany. :)

    4. bri anna

      "yes money is important but love comes within" OK IM DONE THATS SO SWEET

    5. bri anna

      why does he need to be on the bachelor...

    6. andygirl333

      The girl in the green dress he talked to was beautiful and seems amazing, this version is so different then US version i watch

    7. SK Alias

      When he said he liked her eyes, I was like what eyes? I can literally not see her eyes with the eyelashes.

      1. Fifi Rose

        me too lol

      2. andygirl333


    8. Anej

      Im straight but he could obliterate me

    9. Al Wa

      His accent I was not expecting yhat

    10. Fanni the Sloth

      I love how they cheer when a girl gets extra time. It's not toxic like the US version

      1. andygirl333

        Your right lol

    11. lilacshine9

      That blonde looks like a cheap barbie doll.

      1. andygirl333

        I didn't like her, I loved the girl he talked to in the green dress

    12. Lana P.

      Omg the girls. Where did they get them ? A brothel?

    13. Melissa S

      So different than us women look mature and not the Instagram influencers lol

    14. gizdonk

      Why so many tattoos?

      1. Nana GG

        gizdonk beauty standards are different all parts of the world

    15. Kat Perse

      Oh wow, people with normal human teeth. It's weird to see it after watching US version lol

      1. YouTube User

        You mean UK?

    16. varushi mehta

      This looks like the parody of Bachelor usa

      1. andygirl333

        I know lol

    17. bri anna

      can i please have him