Why JPJ really moved to Los Angeles

Bachelor Nation

Bachelor Nation

16 миӊ. көрүүлөр8

    Tayshia Adams reveals that her ex-boyfriend John Paul Jones moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career, and he “knew that story since the very beginning.”

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    1. Zechariah Cameron

      Rachel and Becca need to move on instead of living off of the coattails of this show.

      1. Nana Ama Paddy

        Zechariah Cameron go tell that to dean, catlyn, Jared, Ashley I, and all the others that do podcast based on the franchise

    2. LouisLoother

      Lmao Taiysha is full of it

    3. botaique dream

      JPJ is young and also lock of the communication ! I listen to the all interview on the bachelor podcast hour ! Just google ! I really wish both the best !

      1. Charee williams

        botaique dream yeah but JPJ just revealed on Instagram live that he has ADD and that he probably needs medication for it. This would explain his lack of focus, poor listening skills and impact on his communication skills.

    4. Phyllis Ferguson

      I knew it was because JPJ got offers to be an actor and so he used Tayshia to get there. Not that I didn't think he loved her but he got an opportunity to get his career together and he felt that was more important. I'm still brokenhearted about this relationship.

      1. Charee williams

        I hope they find there way back to each other. Love them together.

      2. Zechariah Cameron

        She used him from what I heard.

      3. Jake Cook

        How do you know he used her to get there? And how do you know his career was more important to him than his relationship? Obviously you're just making assumptions! Don't do that unless you actually know the facts!

    5. Diane McCloud

      Well, I guess they gave it their best shot and it just didn't work....who knows maybe in the future.....I guess, being young, you have to do what you have to....I love them as a couple....but, alas life does set in.....bummer...